by Cheer, April 30, 2014

After having been offered the role several months ago, Joo Won’s agency has finally confirmed that he will be the male lead for the Korean version of Nodame Contabile.
When they first announced that Chiaki’s role was being offered to Joo Won, I assumed that he would accept it. A rising star like Joo Won wouldn't refuse a role that will most likely increase his popularity. Plus Joo Won has been trying to get a variety of different roles, and this is a role that would definitely improve his versatility.

Joo Won will be playing the role of “Chiaki” who is a genius music student / piano major. He can also play the violin as well, but instead aims to become a conductor. Although Nodame Cantabile is a music comedy with some romance, Chiaki’s character generally isn't funny. Though his reactions to Nodame's deeds can be absolutely hilarious!

Now, the question is who will be playing the role of Nodame. Even though Chiaki is the male lead, Nodame is the heart and soul of the story (which is why the show is named after her.) First, IU’s name surfaced but her agency and the production team strictly denied it. At the moment, Shim Eun Kyung has received an official offer. I've only seen her in a few supporting roles. She’s 19 year while Joo Won is 26, and that might pose a problem. In addition to that, she's also relatively inexperienced in romantic leading roles. The most important questions though are: Can she play the role of an inspiring pianist? Can she master the role of a quirky female lead? And most of all: Can she do funny? Whoever ends up playing Nodame,  needs to prepare herself for a comparison of Ueno Juri’s portrayal of the character.
The Korean version of Nodame Cantabile is scheduled to air in October on KBS. Is it on your dramalist?