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Couple Tips from Dramaland
As you all know, there are several differences between Western dating style and Asian Drama’s dates. Well, we all envied (at least once) the cute couple moments in most of Asian dramas. Perhaps we wonder, "How can they be this cute" :3 If you’re looking for the great tips to be a cute couple, you sure can benefit a lot from watching and taking notes from the dramaland. Besides the hundredth anniversary of being a couple, couples celebrate more days with gifts and activities. Koreans have adopted the European tradition of Valentine's Day but there it's usually girls that give men chocolate. Nevertheless, aside from Valentine's Day, there is White Day, the day on which men give women candy, and also Diary Day, Rose Day, Kiss Day …etc. As you might guess, roses are given, couples go to parks and movies and hugs to honour these occasions. Therefore, here’s a list of the common things that happens in most of the Asian dates that shows the couple’s their affection for each other.

Let me count them down for you :-

Couple Rings

Exchanging rings in dramaland is a sign of commitment but it doesn't always mean you plan to marry. Couple rings are often given on the hundredth anniversary of the day you started dating. In other parts of the world that might be considered early to be buying jewelry. Rings show that no stalker, evil mother or other misfortunes will ever break them apart.
You can also use it to protect you
r partner from being stolen xD 

Matching Pajamas and Clothes

In Korea, some say, love means matching clothes. Whether it's Baek Jin Hee and Yoon Kye Sang wearing matching bunny sweatshirts in High Kick 3 or Lee Min Ho and Son Ye Jin donning matching pastel polo shirts in Personal Taste you may have seen a Kdrama in which couples decide to dress alike. The trend is so popular to let the the whole world know the couple are dating.
Even matching mugs xD


It’s really romantic and refreshing for dates. Actually, I enjoy watching these scenes. It’s pleasantly wonderful and displays variety animals and fish. 
Example: Nanase, 1 Litre of Tears, I Hear Your VoiceTo the Beautiful You

Ferris Wheel

I think it’s a must in dates to ride a ferris wheel because it sets the romantic mood and the lovey-dovey aura. There’s also some rumours about kissing in ferris wheel for couples.

Fluffy Stuff
Adorable matching Mobile Straps or other cute stuffed teddies it can work as a lucky charm. 

Example: Heartstrings, Big, Goong

Ice Skating Rink
Usually Couples tend to go ice skating on dates and either one of them (mostly the girl) can’t skate, so they help each other. It’s kinda romantic and sweet when they skate along and one trips and falls on the other. It either gets them closer or creates awkwardness. 

Example: Full House, Marry Me Mary, Woman Who Wants to get Married, Personal Taste


In dramaland , singing off key at a karaoke or at home is a great way to break the ice, erase the misunderstandings and reach out your feelings to the other party; It  can also be a great way to impress your prospective family or your in-laws. It can also create battles (Flower Boy Next Door). Karaoke is where the characters let loose, show their wacky sides, sing with enthusiasm, and sing with all their hearts and even to tears,

The most memorable for me is when Seung Won sings G-Dragon's "Heartbreaker." His over-enthusiastic performance makes the song seem comical and impresses the main girl.

However, there’s also some comical yet sorrowful karaoke moments


In kdramas, there’s always a jjimjibang (korean sauna) scene where someone gets scrubbed, wearing the distinctive sauna head towel, or relaxes in. Couples can also spend a romantic night together in a sauna. In addition, if there’s nowhere else to go, couples tend to temporarily live in jjimjjibang. Moreover, the most interesting thing above all is eating the herbal eggs and breaking them with their heads.

 Actually, it can also be a place to practice your team dance in it.

K-Pop Bonus Pic ;D

Bonus (Unforgettable moments)

Boys Over Flowers

Hi My Sweetheart  (Dalang dance)

 And if all those mentioned above were not enough,Christmas is considered a special day for couples.
 In "Marry Me Mary" Mae Ri feels sorry for Jung In because he is alone and goes to his apartment to dine with him.

Exceptional Couples

It doesn’t happen so much in real life that a celebrity falls in love with a regular person but it sure does happen a lot in dramaland.
Another exceptional couple in
(Q10) the main guy fell in love with a robot.

P.S: I know that I’m too biased about kdramas but that’s what got in my mind right now, so if you have any other examples u can state it I’d be glad to read your opinions

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