by Momorri, December 25, 2013

Korea's Bad Hair Days

We all have those bad hair days where we just can’t seem to tame those rebellious locks. But sometimes dramas want to really emphasize on the bad hair that they turn it in to a complete crime scene. For my third article, I felt it was time to show you some of the worst hair styles in Drama history; the cuts,the colours and the style.

A whole group of bad hairs

Let’s talk about our main protagonist Goo Jun Pyo. I absolutely love Hana Yori Dango and, although the Korean version is not as great as the Japanese version in my opinion, the acting was really good! However the hair was not.

Here we have some really curly thing going on. It almost seems like the hair was just placed on his head! We even have a curls cascading to the side to supposedly add to the prestigious rich style. But I’ll let this one slide since it does kind of suit his character and face, so I’m not complaining. 

Yoon Ji Hoo, on the other hand, does not look happy about his hair style. I think his was the worst style out of the whole F4 gang. Please let me remind you that boys are not girls even if they are supposedly the flowers of the school. It looks pretty girly and unfinished. Some of it is short, some is longer and the colour! Dirty blonde, seriously?! He’s supposed to be part of the beauty of the flower group but his hair does not compliment his beautiful and handsome features.

In fact, even in his role in Playful Kiss, his hair was just a no no no. At the start of the series it was 'okayish' with its clean cut, but it suddenly grew and became untamed. So what do the stylist do? A perm! 

Okay! Side partings and fringes are good if you do them good. Song Woo Bin actually looks okay. But when you think about it, because So Yi Jung has a similar hair style (just different colour) it just ruins the whole image. To be honest, the side fringe just goes so much to the side that it looks like it’s been glued to the head. Imagine all that styling spray needed!

The Perms

I loved Full House and when I heard about a season 2 my heart leapt with excitement. I checked out the trailer and my thoughts changed immediately. I was so confused by the hair.

Again we have the *place hair here* style where literally it looks either like a wig or just “placed” on the  actual head. To top it off, it looks like they all traded secrets to have similar hair styles! 
The Weird

Okay, I’m not going to lie but I love Jeremy. His hair styles were completely ridiculous: you had the crumpled, the girly side pony tale then the bob.

But at least they got the colour right. The blonde was really fresh and young and the hairstyles did kind of bring out the fun part out of his character. Too bad they went a little bit extreme into changing the hair almost every episode.

The Sloppiness

Seo Jung Woo is supposed to be the most energetic and younger looking character in the series. Does his hair portray his youth? No, because it looks messy and sloppy. He wants to catch himself a girlfriend but would any girl like layered, wet and messy hair that look sloppy?

Moving on!

Relaxed and Messy

Park Kae-in's hair looked like this through out most of the series. It had no shape or style and remained the same boring hair. I’m not very fond of it at all. But hey, don’t we all look like this at home when we wake up in the morning?

Can you See my Hair?

The bob is one thing since it only suits certain face shapes. But the bowl cut is a whole different story. They are out of fashion! 

Eum Jung's hair represented her character far too much. Okay, I know it looks quite cute on her but I couldn’t take her seriously! Sometimes she would act like a seven year old boy and sometimes I would mistake her for Mario.

The Hair Change

I adored Hye Yoon’s hair in the first half of the series. She looked so elegant and sophisticated. But just because she broke off her engagement, she cuts it all off. It was quite a shocker at first and I was terribly upset. Although both hairstyles suit hair face shape incredibly, her longer hair has to be the most gorgeous and young looking ever. The bob kind of changes her whole character.

If there are other bad hairstyles that are worthy of mentioning, comment below!

 Thank you for reading!