by notsolittlej, October 31, 2013

Bad news everybody. And in my case, really really horrible news. What can I say? Finding out that your favorite actress will be going to prison is a true shock. 

A few months ago Park Si Yeon, Jang Mi In Ae, and Lee Seung Yeon were accused of illegally abusing large amounts of propofol. Park Si-yeon has been found guilty of using the drug over
185 times, Jang Mi In Ae 95 times and Lee Seung-yeon over 111 times. After many hearings and a lot of speculation, this case has finally come to an end.

At the final trial held at Seoul Central District Courts on October 28th, Park Si Yeon (My Girl, Innocent Man, Coffee House) and Lee Seung Yeon (The Great Seer) confessed and were sentenced to 8 months imprisonment. Jang Mi In Ae (Missing YouDear My Sister) was sentenced to 10 months of prison and even while claiming that she was not aware of the identity of the drug. The doctors who gave them propofol were also sentenced to 2 years and 2 months of prison time.

The prosecution also stated, “We considered the logic that everything that happens in a hospital should be blamed to the doctor. However, the total time and frequency of the injection were way above the line, and all of the three made continuous false statements during the investigations.”

Things look exceptionally bad for Park Si Yeon since she only gave birth to a healthy baby girl a month ago. 
Perhaps rehab would have been a better solution for her case.

Hopefully, this unfortunate scandal won't mean the end of the careers of these very promising and talented actresses. It would be absolutely devastating if you ask me.