by twinklelie, October 11, 2013

twinklelie's Weekend 

Movie Picks

It's the return of the movie picks, yay! Did you miss it? Maybe you didn’t even notice some haven’t been published for a while lol

Anyways, school started, didn’t really get the time to watch dramas a lot, but I still watched movies. It’s only 2 hours, so no biggie.

Today, I’m introducing you 3 Japanese movies. All different in style, but I enjoyed them thoroughly. They do have one thing in common, though: They're not brain-wracking. You just have to sit in your couch or whatever and enjoy the show hehe

Year: 2012

Type: Comedy

Here we’re following Tanaka Hiroshi, played by Matsuda Shota, a guy who's always had an afro-like massive perm. At 24, he works and lives in Tokyo, but never had a girlfriend. When one of his high school friends announces that he’s getting married soon, Hiroshi remembers an old promise his group of friends made back in high school: when the first of them’s getting married, the other 3 have to bring their girlfriends to the wedding ceremony. Now, since he doesn’t have a girlfriend, he has to find one before the wedding… Luckily for our guy (or not), a beautiful girl moves in the neighborhood. Here begins the crazy adventure of Hiroshi trying to get a girl before his friend’s wedding!

Okay, now, this movie is one of the dorkiest comedies I’ve ever watched. Seeing Matsuda Shota with an afro is just priceless. I love seeing him in comedies. He’s just so good at it. Don Quixote isn’t my favorite drama of his for nothing. I love a good and not brain-wracking movie, and this one had all I asked for when I started it. Some of you might not like the humor and the acting in it, though. I mean, it’s a Japanese comedy, so expect some exaggeration in the acting. But still! It's good hehe

I'm telling you: Priceless!

Year: 2012

Type: Romance

Yagami Sen (Mukai Osamu) is on a holiday in Paris with his sister, Suzume (Kiritani Mirei). Unfortunately for him, she abandons him to meet with her boyfriend when they stop by the Seine river on their way to the hotel. More bad luck for him, he doesn't know where the hotel is, since it's his sister who's got all the papers, and is totally lost. Though, luckily, he bumps into Teshigahara Aoi (Nakayama Miho), a freelance writer who's been living in Paris for 7 years. She ends up helping him to find his hotel. Circumstances make it that Sen meets her again and ends up spending all his time with her and gradually falls in love with her...
Yes, it also has Ayano Gou in it :p

I ended up watching it completely out of the blue. Well, I was really intrigued by the title, to be honest. I thought:"That's original for a movie name." Anyways, I really don't regret watching it. Their love story is really common, but so sweet at the same time. It's not a movie with lots of twists, it's a simple story relating how 2 people met and fell in love. No more, no less. It's calm, sweet, and melancholic.

Year: 2008

Type: Fantasy-Adventure

In 1967, a group of kids have lots of meetings in their secret base. At the instigation of one of them, Endô Kenji (Karasawa Toshiaki), they invent a science-fiction story that talks about the destruction of the world by an evil organization, which they fight to become the world's saviors. And they record that story in a book called "The Book Of Prophecy."

Years later, one of them kills himself. Kenji, who became a kombini manager, and his friends find themselves dragged into the dark ambition of a cult led by a certain guy that calls himself "Friend." What's more strange in all of this is that "Friend" carries out one by one all the prophecies that Kenji and his friends imagined when they were kids...

I watched this one a while ago so I don't remember everything about it ^^" What I liked about it, is the suspense and all the mystery around "Friend"s real identity. And without spoiling everything, of course, you'll have to wait until the 3rd movie to know his real identity hehe. The characters are really endearing and you won't have trouble identifying yourself to them. I think that the story in itself is well done, though some parts were a little bit rushed and others were a bit slow. But all in all, it was well written.

Here you go for another of my movie picks, hope you'll enjoy them and see you around for another one, maybe... Who knows?