by Aya97, August 26, 2013

Riding the KOREAN WAVE

OK, so don't get me wrong. I didn't say that Lee Min Ho, Jang Geun Suk, Yoon Eun Hye, Jung Il Woo, Hyun Bin, etc... aren't in top shape or overrated! I just think that who I'm going to mention here are the ones that have now succeeded in making a name for themselves in the industry. People that can become the new "face" of their generation. And if you ask me I wouldn't be sorry to see more faces in dramaland. Wouldn't it be great to see new "flowerboys" or action stars?! Here are the actors that are known only for some years now.

So taking all this in consideration this is my list of the new "sweethearts" of dramas!

The late bloomers

We've all known these actors for many years now if we stay and think about it, but we just couldn't spot them in the crowd. They are the unknown faces of some popular dramas/movies that have succeeded in gaining our attention only recently. 

1.No Min Woo (27)

Who doesn't know this man?! Well I'm sure you do now, but take in mind that he is already 27 and has been active since 2008. First time seeing him: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. I recall that he gained some popularity then but let's be sincere...the frenzy around Seung Gi was too hard for the boy to handle. I saw that he also acted in the popular Pasta, which I haven't seen, but I don't remember anyone mentioning him either...again that drama had another popular and talented actor (which I love btw), Lee Sun Gyun, who took over the show. After that, I discovered that I've seen him long time ago in A Frozen Flower as one of "King's Guard" as it says in the cast list. What I remember of him there is that there were at some point a few handsome guys that stand still and looked good, but then again we had Jo In Sung there.

Finally, the sun came in his city
with 2012 and Full House Take 2 where he got his more than deserved lead role as the charming Tae Ik. This can be considered the starting point for this ex-singer!
(Thanks HAVA-RAVA for the point). Now that he is thought to be one of the hottest stars in Korea I just can't wait to see more of him.
The next: Jung Il Woo

First thing first: The CUTEST guy on earth!
Second thing: Thank you Running Man for taking this jewel out of dirt and polishing it!

OK, so seriously now... I love this guy! He is in my TOP 5 Asian actors list, but if not for RM I wouldn't have known of him until who knows when!!

My first actual movie I saw him in was A Frozen Flower as another "King's guard". I had the same opinion of him as I had of Min Woo. He actually appeared in the famous melodrama Will it Snow at Christmas?, but again I don't remember anyone mentioning him. After that, the area of Song Joong Ki begun under the name of Sungkyunkwan Scandal (year 2010). Even if he acted with the overly popular Yoochun, his character was one of the most beloved in the entire drama. Let's face it...the playboy never grows old. After this, the movies kept coming starting with Penny Pinchers, where he plays alongside the main lady from WISFC. I don't think I need to mention Innocent Man, or do I? This drama made me fall deeply in love with him, and A Werewolf Boy secured his place in my heart. Now I have to bear with the idea of 2 years without him (due to military service), but I already dream of his comeback

The Next: Kim Jae Won

How can this 20 years old boy be a "late bloomer"? Well maybe because he has been in "here" since 2005, and we took notice of him only last year. It wasn't his fault really because the majority of dramas he played in had an amazing cast both in number and  talent. But if we have to be sincere the majority of us only know him because of the popular teen drama To The Beautiful You. There he played the cute and cheerful Gha Eun Gyol. After watching this, I kind of remember seeing him once or twice before, but I couldn't point out his character. After searching and searching I found out that he played in some dramas that I really enjoyed. The Return of Iljimae was a drama that I really loved, and I remember him as the cute child that was infatuated with Iljimae. Not a big role, but again he was only 16 back then. He also played as the child version of Uhm Tae Woong in Queen Seon Duk, but you really can't blame me for not remembering him from that. Now I just can't wait to see him in Covertness. Unfortunately I have to wait a while for it to be subbed. He is the next "flowerboy",  taking the role of Kim Bum in F4, in my opinion. :)

The next:
Kim Bum

Straight to the TOP

This list is made of those who had the luck of taking parts in dramas that really made them shine from the start.These are the actors that started their acting career only 2-3 years ago and made it directly to the TOP.

1.Yoo Ah In (26)

Maybe he played in some movies and drama before but not enough for me to call him a late bloomer. First time seeing him was in Antique Bakery. I watched it for Joo Ji Hoon and discovered Yoo Ah In! I loved him so much in that drama. After that, the magic of Sungkyunkwan Scandal developed again. With this drama, he became the new icon of "Bad Guy". You have to admit that he is kind of sexy in whatever he does. After that, 2012 came and with it Fashion King. A drama that started many discussions but without question popular. We can't forget Jang Ok Jung now, can we? This is the drama that melted all nunas hearts.

I my opinion, Yoo Ah In just has that something that makes him stand out among other actors. He has a really interesting charm that makes you fall off your feet with a single look. I think that none of you question the fact that this man can go a long way!

The Next:
Kim Nam Gil

2.Seo In Guk (25)

Before seeing him acting, I have to admit that I simply couldn't understand the fuss around this guy. I heard that he was a singer, but not listening to any of his songs made him kind of invisible for me. Heck, at first I even thought he was kind of unattractive and popped my eyes at the screen to understand what girls saw in him! How wrong I was. I first saw him in Love Rain, and I didn't really notice him. "Another weird looking guy" I thought (please don't kill me yet). What this guy needed was a main role people, that's all! And this came with Reply 1997 and the huge phenomenon that embraced that drama. It was love at first sight! This is the first time that an actor who seemed uninteresting made me change my opinion of him. Now I think he is one of the most handsome man in Korean, and I just can't resist those lips and sleepy eyes!

OK back to work. As you can see, he is now playing in The Master's Sun and 2 movies that I can't wait to see: No Breathing Police Family.

Tell me, if he isn't "HOT" now-a-days then who is?

The Next:
Gong Yoo

3.Joo Won (25)

Joo Won is a case I call an "all kill". This means that he started from the top and stayed there. OK so let's see... this guy started back in 2010 with a main role and the rest of the roles he got were main as well. You can't really pity him, right? Well, if he has talent who are we to judge. King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo was his starting point, and even if he wasn't really the main character he didn't go unnoticed by directors it seems. My first drama with him was the popular 7th Grade Civil Servant which, unfortunately, I haven't seen to the end. But this isn't his fault. I just couldn't stand Choi Kang Hee (I apologize to the fans). Even if I didn't like the drama, Joo Won was my cup of tea so I tried Ojakgyo Brothers, which I love!! From his dramas, we can't really forget the one that actually made him what he is today: The Bridal Mask. I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't watch it yet, but I will sure do it one day. As for his movies I really enjoyed Special Investigations Division which showed me a new face of him. I think it is safe to say that he can reach Hyun Bin one day, right? Oh, I forgot to mention Good Doctor, which I can't wait for it to air all its episodes so I can start watching it

The Next:
Hyun Bin

My new found crush now-a-days. I love this guy since Secret Garden where he gained my attention despite Hyun Bin's powerful presence. After that, I watched Prosecutor Princess by chance and found him in it. It was a small role, but I thought he was really funny. But in reality everything started with School 2013. He was so mysterious that when a smile appeared on his face it would brighten my day. When I thought that it couldn't get better it did: I Hear Your Voice. One of the best dramas I've seen in a while and in great part because of him. He became now the next "nuna killer" after Geun Suk and Seung Gi. I just can't help myself but think how talented he is, and between us, quite handsome as well. What's even better is that I have 3 movies in my PTW list that are waiting to be watched.

The Next:
Jang Geun Suk

5.Sung Joon (23)

I don't know if I should say this, but I still don't consider him handsome, but more like "good looking". I know, I know it's the same but not for me. I think that a good looking person is one that has a certain charm that overshadows all the his case it's manliness. I just see him as a man rather than simply a  "guy". He has those sharp looks that I've seen in only one actor besides him: Lee Min Ki. OK, enough with the fangirling. First I want to thank 2011 for White Christmas. It's a great drama that had the courage to work with fresh faces and make them shine. Here, I met Sung Joon and other actors that will more than surely appear in my future lists. I loved this drama, but more than anything I loved the acting. After this drama, I watched Lie to Me and experienced "second male lead syndrome". "Why but why didn't you choose him?!". After this, everything went black. What's next... of course the drama that really made him shine Shut Up: Flower Boy Band. Cherry on top Min Ki made a cameo as well. He even succeeded in giving Can We Get Married? a chance despite the presence of Jung So Min and I actually enjoyed it. I discovered that he can play "cute" as well. Gu Family Book is another story. Unfortunately, for him and Seung Gi,  Wol Ryung (Choi Jin Hyuk) took over the drama for me, but I enjoyed his jealousy parts he had.

Anyway, I'm expecting great dramas from him, and in a corner of my heart I hope he will take part in an age-gap relationship one. :)

The Next:
Lee Min Ki

6.IU (20)

I assure you that if you ask who is the "hottest" young actress these days at least a half of people would say "Well...of course IU! Don't you realize how cute and lovely she is?!"

For me, I can't say that I'm a hardcore fan of hers. I don't listen to her music, but I really found her charming in Dream High. Her relationship with Wooyoung was so cute and innocent that it totally stole the show. It wasn't great acting if you were to ask me, but it was good enough for her to become "The Nation's Little Sister". She only appeared in 2 big dramas, but I'm sure that she won't stop here. Her acting improved in those years with the evidence shown in The Best Lee Soon Shin which is really a cute and well made drama. I really hope that, in time, she will go for better and better roles and shine brighter!

The Next:
Park Shin Hye

I just love her so much. Saying that I was impressed with her after Reply 1997 is a given. She is just too charming. Adding the Busan accent you have the whole package. Anyway, thinking that she was a rookie in 2012 and gained the main role in a drama that became very popular is a given I think. :)

She and Seo In Guk made one of the cutest and steamiest couples I've seen so far. Then That Winter, The Wind Blows appeared. I have to admit that having Song Hye Kyo in the cast made me watch it at first but after seeing her chemistry with Kim Bum it made me forget the main couple and their tragedy. It's true that she only appeared in 2 dramas so far, but I guess that it's right to think that she is part of this newly made "Hallyu Wave".

The Next:
Ha Ji Won

8.Bae Suzy (18)

I think is safe to say that these days are "Suzy's playground". I sincerely admire her. When she started back in 2011 with Dream High, I could have sworn that she was untalented and couldn't act. But she improved so much. In 2012, she appeared in Big which I didn't watch. This was a drama that many expressed their anger toward, but I didn't really hear anything regarding her acting. That must be true because she really blew my mind away with Gu Family Book! I have to admit that I was really doubting this drama. "Another drama with potential that is going to be ruined because of the poor actress". But I have to apologize. The drama was great as was her acting. I really enjoyed watching her growth, and I'm sure this isn't the end. We're talking about "The Nation's First Love" here. 

The Next:
Son Ye Jin

The Prodigies

I name them wonder kids. We all know that being an Asian actor as a child is really hard work, because you can't really "make yourself heard". Well this list has some names of actors and actresses that succeeded in making their names and faces known since their young age.

You didn't really think I won't mention this guy, would you? Why here and not in the list above? Because he is known and popular from way back. Bad luck was that he was a little too young compared to Lee Min Ho and Jang Geun Suk and was left in the dark for a while. The fact is that I watched some dramas with him, and I also remembered his presence. My first drama with him was Queen Seon Duk, a pretty hard drama to make yourself remembered if you ask me. Kim Chun Chu was a great character to watch, especially his interactions with Bi Dam. Back then he was only 16, but from my point of view he looked older...way older. After this, he took the main roles in God of Study and Warrior Baek Dong Soo. Now we have to remember that having a main role at that age isn't simple at all. Also, his roles weren't simply and poorly interpreted... this boy really has talent. But what really made me appreciate him was Missing You. In this drama, the age-gap between him and the other 2 main actors wasn't felt at all. Not to mention his main roles in movies when he was just a little kid.

If this boy isn't a genius then I don't know who is.

You have to admit that he is one of the most popular and aspiring actors these days. I really think that, in his case, he was the right age at the right time. With all those historical dramas that pointed out the younger versions of the main characters you just couldn't not notice him. He played many child roles in his career, starting from "young Iljimae" in Iljimae to The Moon that Embraces the Sun, the same drama that made him what he is today. I really want to thank this series, because maybe without it I wouldn't have notice this handsome and talented boy. Now we all know Missing You, right? I think that everyone who watches it can easily affirm that the kids' part was more interesting and promising than Yoon Eun Hye and Yoochun's ones. Don't get me wrong, I really love them, but the kids totally ruled the show for them.

I really can't help but think that more interesting roles are heading his way. I don't doubt that he will get a main role within 2 or 3 years in the future. Anyway, I would surely keep an eye on this guy if I were you!

Okay, so those who think that this girl is talented, please raise your hands!!

Not only does she look like Yoon Eun Hye, but she is as talented as her. We have to remember that in The Moon that Embraces the Sun, the drama that made her what she is today, she played the young version of the villain Bo Kyung. I have to admit that, before this drama, I had no idea who she was, but 2012 came and the name So Hyun is known by every drama lover. Did I mention that at only 14 she had her own main role in Ma Boy. This is what I'm talking about people! This is why we need these new faces in Dramaland. We can't have the same high schoolers forever because everyone gets old. You can't argue the fact that this drama was cuteness overload, and she seemed older than she was. Missing You is another drama that showed her potential as an actress. Her role was played perfectly! It made me think how talented child actors are today.

We can't forget her performance in I Hear Your Voice either. Even if she only appeared in a couple of episodes she played the brave Hye Sung really great.

People, I think Korea has found their new female actress to couple with the hottest guys! Does it ring a bell?

Do you happen to know the rivalry between Yoon Eun Hye and Park Shin Hye? I call it rivalry because they both have the same feeling around them, so people tend to compare. They are both great, kissing hot guys and having their dramas become instant top viewed. Also, you really can't say which one is better. I think this is also going to happen between So Hyun and Yoo Jung. These 2 are the child actresses that are the most loved at the moment, and I think the rivalry between them will continue in the future. I remember seeing her in Iljimae, as the young version of Eun Chae. It wasn't a big role, but I sure remember her. But she made her big DEBUT in....The Moon that Embraces the Sun as the other young actors now-a-days. After that, she played in the melodrama May Queen. And now in 2013 she has a main role in Golden Rainbow. I haven't mentioned the amount of movies she made. Anyway, I just can't wait to see how this actress will develop in the future.

So this is it. I don't know if you agree with me or not, but this is what I think. In my opinion, these are the actors that have the potential and talent to become the new rising stars in the industry!