by Cheer, August 25, 2013

After the first article of Kdramas First Choices; I represent you the second part with more female roles in it. Enjoy!

Kim Ah Joong or Yoon Eun Hye?

The female lead role in the popular gender bender drama, “Coffee Prince,” was supposed to be Kim Ah Joong’s role, but she refused it because she couldn’t cut her hair due to her contract with a shampoo company. Therefore, Yoon Eun Hye got the role.

That was one of the strangest reasons to turn down a drama role. I wonder if the shampoo commercial is more important than a popular drama like Coffee Prince? But that’s alright because Eun Hye was amazing in that drama and very convincing as a boy; actually, she’s one of the few actresses that can portray the boy’s role in a non-annoying obvious way.

Jung Woo Sung, Lee Jeong Jae or Rain?

The 40% ratings drama “Full House” had Jung Woo Sung as her first choice but he refused the role so they cast Lee Jung Jae but he dropped out because he was preparing for his movie “Typhoon”. Thus, the male lead became Rain as the third choice.

I think the third choice was the best one; Jung Woo Sung feels old for such a role and I am pretty sure he knows that it doesn’t suit him. I am not so sure about Lee Jeong Jae because I never saw any of his dramas. Full House was the drama that made Rain a Hallyu star so maybe the other two are regretting it.

Park Yoo Chun, Song Joong Ki, Park Shi Hoo 

or Kim Soo Hyun?

Park Yoo Chun was the producers’ first choice for the male lead role in "The Moon That Embraces The Sun" but he turned it down so they cast Song Joong Ki as their second choice, as he refused to take part in the drama; they offered the role to Park Shi Hoo who didn’t show interest in the drama. Therefore, Kim Soo Hyun was cast instead.

I didn’t watch the drama but Song Joong Ki and Park Shi Hoo turned the role down? I wonder if Kim Soo Hyun did a better job in acting.

Moon Geun Young or Han Ga In?

We’re still in The Moon That Embraces The Sun. It looks like the producers’ first choices for the main leads were never cast as the female lead was supposed to be Moon Geun Young but her agency read the script and decided that the role isn’t strong enough and decided to turn it down. Moon Geun Young didn’t even read the script; it was her agency that decided on her behalf. As a substitute, Han Ga In was cast as the female lead.

If the role is given to an actor/actress, shouldn’t they be the ones who read the script and decide whether they should accept it or not? I know that the agency should help them make the decision but not decide on their behalf. I have no idea about that role because as I stated earlier, I didn’t watch the drama but I feel it’s kind of rude.

Kim Hee Sun or Song Hye Kyo?

Kim Hee Sun was supposed to take part in the melodramatic drama “Autumn Tale” but she refused the role and so Song Hye Kyo got the role instead.

Autumn Tale was the second melodrama tragedy I saw when I was younger. I liked Song Hye Kyo in that role but I am sure that Hee Sun would’ve done a nice job too because the first melodrama tragedy I saw was “Sad Love Song” in which she was amazing.

Kim Hee Sun or Lee Da Hae?

She also refused the female lead in the hit drama “My girl”. After reading its script, she said that the role doesn’t suit her. Therefore, Lee Da Hee was cast for that role.

I agree with her on this, if Kim Hee Sun accepted the role in My Girl; her image would’ve been ruined for me. I just can’t imagine her in such a role even though she was a bit sassy in “Faith” but My Girl is a typical rom-com that I rather not seeing Kim Hee Sun in it.

Kim Hee Sun or Lim Seo Jeong?

As an addition, Lim Seo Jeong’s role in “Sorry I love You” was  originally Kim Hee Sun’s role but she refused it and thus, Lim Seo Jeong was given the role instead.

She refused a lot of roles, didn’t she? 'Sorry I love you' happens to be the third melodrama I saw after the two mentioned above and I enjoyed the cast and the story pretty much. I know that Kim Hee Sun is a great melodramas’ female lead but I believe Lim Seo Jeong did a great job in it so no regrets about Hee Sun refusing this role.

Kim Hee Sun or Kim Jung Eun?

Okay, I know I bored you with the roles that Kim Hee Sun refused but this the last one, I swear. So, Kim Jung Eun’s role in "Lovers In Paris" was supposed to be Kim Hee Sun’s but when she turned the offer down; Kim Jung Eun got that role.

No comment since I didn’t watch the drama and I am not familiar with Kim Jung Eun.

Lee Jun Ki, Go Soo, Kang Ji Hwan or Jang Hyuk?

Jang Hyuk’s role in Chuno was supposed to be Lee Jun Ki’s then Go Soo's but they both refused it so the producers cast Kang Ji Hwan as their third choice but he had a lot of problems with his agency so he had to drop out. The drama’s crew felt a lot of disappointment and decided to turn the story into a movie instead. However, when Jang Hyuk came in and showed a great interest in the storyline; everything changed.
P.S: The drama reached 35% in its ratings.

I am planning to watch this drama but I was spoiled about it which made me angry so I’ve been delaying it ever since. I wonder if any of the first choices would've been better as the male lead.
Han Hyo Joo or Lee Da Hae?

Also, the female lead for Chuno was supposed to be Han Hyo Joo but since the filming schedule of “Chuno” got delayed many times because of the male lead problem, she dropped out because the filming collides with “Shining Inheritance” which she was already filming. As a result, Lee Da Hae was cast instead.

Won Bin or Jo In Sung?

Won Bin was producers’ first choice for this year’s melodrama “That Winter, The Wind Blows” but he turned the offer down so In Sung was chosen as a substitute.

Why did you refuse the role Won Bin, just wae? Although I liked In Sung in the drama but let’s admit it, his acting was most of the time over the top with many overreacted scenes so I believe Won Bin would’ve done a better job in that area.

Were the second choices better? Or would those dramas been more appealing if the first choices were cast instead?

I hope you enjoyed the second part of this article.

Until next time!