by purplenette, August 14, 2013

The Women’s Room
Park Eun Hye (Can’t Live Without You, Pink Lipstick), Wang Bit Na (Rascal SonsStill You), Kang Ji Sub (The Equator Man, Bolder By the Day), and Kang Kyun Joon (Thorn Flower, Cooking up Romance) star in The Women’s Room which started on SBS August 5.  The director is Lee Myung Woo who also produced Fashion King.  The writer is Seol Kyung Eun who also wrote I’ll Give You Everything
Kyung Chae (Park Eun Hye) is the heir for a five-star hotel.  She is involved in a romantic relationship with Ji Sub (Kang Ji Sub).  She meets Hee Soo (Wang Bit Na) and at first they become friends.  Hee Soo’s jealousy brings her to steal everything away from Kyung Chae until Kyung Chae fights back.
This drama has 100+ episodes of romance and melodrama.  My favorite genre is melodrama, but after learning that the director was the same as Fashion King, I think I will pass. 

Her Legend/Her Myth

Choi Jung Won (Brain, Stars Falling from the Sky), Kim Jung Hoon (Tiptoe to Kiss Love, I Need Romance), and Son Eun Seo (May Queen, Love Rain) star in Her Legend/Her Myth which started on jTBC on August 5.  It is directed by Lee Seung Ryeol who also directed Rude Women and Save the Last Dance for Me.  It is written by Kim Jung Ah.
Jung Soo’s (Choi Jung Won) mother dies and she is sent to live with her uncle’s family.  The aunt resents her and her cousin, Kyung Hee (Son Eun Seo) is jealous and spiteful. Another woman sees that Jung Soo is abused by the aunt and wants to take her to the US.  Kyung Hee ends up going instead.  Time jump and they meet again as adults.  They both become handbag designers and enter the life of Jin Hoo (Kim Jung Hoon) who is, of course, the heir of the greatest fashion group.

This sounds interesting as a kind of mix of I Do, I Do and Advertising Genius, Lee Tae Baek.  I’m watching so many dramas right now, but I may just add this one to the list.
Can’t Take It Anymore

Sun Woo Yong Nyeo (Shut Up Family, I Believe in Love) and Baek Il Sub (Cheer Up Mr. Kim, I Remember You) star in jTBC’s family drama, Can’t Take it Anymore, which started August 5.  It is directed by Lee Min Cheol who also directed Panda and Hedgehog.   It is written by Seo Yeong Myung who also wrote What’s for Dinner?.  Lee Young Eun (To the Beautiful You, The Wedding Scheme), Kim Jin Woo (The Birth of a Family, Queen In Hyun’s Man), Oh Young Shil (When A Man’s in Love, School 2013), Sun Woo Jae Duk (May Queen, To the Beautiful You), and Kim Jung Min (Shut Up: Flower Boy Band, The Secret of Keu Keu Island) are also cast in this drama.
Bok Ja (Sun Woo Young Nyeo) has been married to Jong Kab (Baek Il Sub) for 50 years with little happiness.  They have four children that are grown and have their own families. At Hwang Sun Joo’s (Lee Young Eun) wedding ceremony to Jo Sung Woo (Kim Jin Woo), Bok Ja breaks down in tears and decides that she can’t take it anymore and wants a divorce.  Hwang Sun Ae (Oh Young Shil) is the first child of the family, Hwang Sun Ho (Sun Woo Jae Duk) is the second child, Hwang Kang Ho (Kim Jung Min) is the third child with Sun Joo being the youngest. This is the story of what happens to the family as they go through and elderly divorce.

This is another family drama with 120 episodes.  Although it has a different take on the family dynamic that I haven’t seen before, I just don’t think I can watch it.
Ruby’s Ring

Lee So Yeon (The Birth of a Family, Time Slip Dr. Jin), Im Jung Eun (The Equator Man, When Women Powder Twice), Lee Hyun Woo (Oh! My Lady, Dal Ja’s Spring), Kim Suk Hoon (Twinkle,Twinkle, Blissful Woman), and Park Kwang Hyun (Glowing She, Pink Lipstick) are cast in upcoming drama Ruby’s Ring to be aired on KBS2 starting August 19.  The director is Jeon San.  The writer is Hwang Soon Yung. 
RoNa (Lee So Yeon) and RoBi (Im Jung Eun) are sisters who’s fate and faces change after a car accident.

I couldn’t find much information, but it seems interesting.  I may have to check this out especially since it has Ms. Creepy from The Equator Man. 

Will You Love and Give it Away

Hong Soo Hyun (Jang Ok Jung, Goodbye Dear Wife)and Lee Sang Yeob (Jang Ok Jung, Innocent Man) star in MBC’s drama Will You Love and Give it Away  also known as Give Love Away which will begin airing in September after I Summon You, Gold.  The producer is Kim Nam Won who also produced Queen of Reversals.  The writer is Choi Hyun Kyung who also wrote Ugly Cake and Just Like Today.
The story is of a couple who remarry in their twilight years bringing two families of adult children together.  Song Mi Joo (Hong Soo Hyun) is one of the daughters who is thoughtful, rational, and cautious as well as independent.  Jung Jae Min (Lee Sang Yub) is an immature looking character who cares deeply for Song Mi Joo and becomes her Daddy Long Legs. 

I couldn’t find any more of the cast for this drama.  If I do, then I will update.  It looks to be another weekend family drama.  I like these actors, so I might check it out.

Ji Sung (The Great Seer, Protect the Boss), Hwang Jung Eum (The Incarnation of Money, Full House Take 2), Bae Su Bin (49 Days, Dong Yi) and Lee Da Hee (I Hear Your Voice, Welcome Rain to My Life) are cast in KBS melodrama Secret set to air after Sword and Flower on September 11.  The director is Lee Eung Bok who also directed both Dream High and Dream High 2.  The writer won a screenwriting contest with this story.  I’m not sure of the writer's name.
Yoo Jun (Hwang Jung Eum) sacrifices herself and goes to prison in place of her boyfriend, Do Hoon (Bae Su Bin) for a hit-n-run thinking he will wait for her.  However, Do Hoon betrays her.  Min Hyuk (Ji Sung) is a second generation chaebol who is a “bad boy” that doesn’t believe in love or people.  He loses his girlfriend in an accident.  I’m as yet not sure of Lee Da Hee’s role in this drama.
Looks to me like another revenge type drama with some romance thrown in for good measure.  Of course I am watching this.  Ji Sung was my first and therefore I must watch all of his dramas.  LOL  BTW…a little interesting tid bit…both Ji Sung and Bae Su Bin will be getting married IRL while participating in this drama.

Looking Forward to Romance

Choi Daniel (School 2013, Ghost), BoA (cameo in Athena: Goddess of War), Kim Ji Won (To the Beautiful You, What’s Up), and Im Si Wan (The Equator Man, Standby)are cast in KBS2 drama, Looking Forward to Romance/Expect Dating that will air in September.  The director is Lee Eun Jin and the writer is Ju Hwa Mi.
This is a look into the dating lives of Cha Ki Dae (Daniel Choi), Joo Yeon Ae (BoA), Jung Jin Kook (Siwan), and Choi Sae Rim (Kim Ji Won).
Romance is not my favorite genre, but I read that this is actually a drama special of only a few episodes.  If that is true, then I will watch it if it is subbed. Otherwise, I think I will skip it although I am a BoA fan and I enjoy Siwan’s acting.

Suspicious Housekeeper

Choi Ji Woo (Can’t Lose, Star’s Lover) and Lee Sung Jae (Gu Family Book, Rascal Sons)will star in SBS drama, Suspicious Housekeeper, which will air September 23 after Empire of Gold.  This is a remake of a popular Japanese drama Kaseifu no Mita.  It will be directed by Kim Hyung Shik who also directed Sign and Ghost.
Park Bok Nyeo (Choi Ji Woo) is a mysterious housekeeper who comes to work for Eun Sang Chul (Lee Sung Jae) and his four daughters when their mother dies.  She guides the family into healing wounds and rebuilding bonds when it comes to light that the mother died due to Sang Chul’s extramarital affair.

I am not in the least bit interested in watching this, but I thought some of you might be.
Potato Star 2013QR3

Lee Soon Jae (Bravo My Life, Childless Comfort), No Joo Hyun (Suspicious Family, Live in Style), Geum Bo Ra (I Summon You, Gold, May Queen), Yeo Jin Goo (Missing You, The Moon that Embraces the Sun), Ha Yeon Soo (Monstar), Suh Yeh Ji, and Go Kyung Pyo (Flower Boy Next Door, Standby) are cast in tvN drama, Potato Star which will begin airing on September 23.  The director is Kim Byung Wook who also directed the High Kick series.  I could not find information on the writer.
Jang Gi Ha (Yeo Jin Goo) is a computer programmer that dreams of being the next Mark Zuckerberg.  This also revolves around the Noh family.  This is all the information I could find on this drama.
Again, I have no interest in a daily sitcom of over 100 episodes.  Some of you may want to watch it though.  It has some great veteran actors mixed with some up and coming actors.  I really like Ha Yeon Soo and Go Kyung Pyo, but not enough to watch this.

Tears of Heaven

Hong Ah Reum (TV Novel Sam Saeng, Soldier), Suh Joon Young (Sirius, To the Beautiful You), In Gyo Jin (Horse Doctor, I Need Romance 2), and Yoon Seo (guest appearances in Dating Agency: Cyrano and The Birth of a Family) have been cast in tvN drama Tears of Heaven which will start to air September 23 after Crazy Love.  It is directed by Yoo Je Won.
Yoon Cha Yung (Hong Ah Reum) is a bold and strong woman who has to develop her own life because she has repeatedly been abandoned by her own mother.  Lee Ki Hyun (Seo Jun Yung) grows up in the orphanage with Cha Yung and are like brother and sister, but he gets adopted to a rich family.  Jin Hyun Woong (In GyoJin) is a rough and rebellious man that grows up with a pitiful family history, but he is a deep thinker and has feelings for Cha Yung.  Jin Jane (Yoon Seo) is Cha Yung’s high school friend and a rich family’s daughter who causes tension between Cha Yung and Ki Hyun.
tvN has been producing some interesting dramas lately.   Part of the synopsis says that Cha Yung fights with her mother.  So, I’m wondering if this is a revenge drama.   I think I will at least check out the first few episodes.


Do Ji Han (Incarnation of Money, Can’t Live Without You), Lee Elliya , and Jung Dong Hyun are cast for tvN’s Basketball to air in September.  The director is Kwak Jung Hwan who also directed Chuno, Fugitive Plan B, and A Love to Kill.
Kang San (Do Ji Han) grows up in a poor village during the late 1930s during the years of the Japanese Occupation and on into the division of Korea to North and South.  He participates on the one and only national basketball team for Korea. This team makes it to the quarterfinals of the 1948 Olypics.  Kang San and his friends overcomes a life of hardship to make the team and use basketball to find success. Min Chi Ho (Jung Dong Hyun) is Kang San’s rival in basketball and in love.  Chi Ho is a basketball star that inspires his compatriots during the difficulties of Japanese Occupation.  Choi Shin Young (Lee Elliya) is from a rich family in Kyungsung (Seoul) who attended a school in Japan.  She returns to Korea as a magazine reporter and becomes the love interest of both San and Chi Ho. 
This has some rookie actors and sometimes that is refreshing.  Sports is not my genre.  I like watching sports, but not in dramas.  Though this does seem to be about more than just basketball.  Anyway,I thought I would throw it out there in case any of you would like to take a look.

Do any of these airing and upcoming dramas look interesting to you?