by SeherK, August 12, 2013

Episode 2 opens back up with our leads on the roof of Tae Gong Sil's building. Gong Sil still wants to sleep with Joong Won, presumably standing upright. Joong Won takes offense to this, because he along with all the drama watchers has noticed Gong Sil's general lack of hygiene and can't comprehend how she could think this was even a possibility.

You tell 'er, Joong Won.
We now get to the real reason Joong Won is at Gong Sil's place. He asks her what she knows about Hee Joo, the girl from his past. Gong Sil tells him that she saw Hee Joo next to him a few days ago, which Joong Won doesn't believe, as Hee Joo has been dead a long time. Gong Sil then reveals that she sees dead people.
Well, wasn't expecting that revelation for another couple episodes.
The scene then cuts to Kang Woo(*squeal* oooooooh) having dinner with his fellow employees, who are discussing Joong Won's past. Apparently it is widely known that he hasn't married because of his dead first love. Kang Woo then somehow makes a connection (probably because his good looks are simply a mask for his good brains) to the old Jujong case, and other employee kindly fills us in on the details.

Many (15) years ago,two high schoolers- a guy from a rich family (Joong Won) and his girlfriend-were kidnapped for ransom. The kidnappers were never caught, and the girlfriend died.

The scene goes back to Gong Sil, who tells Joong Won that she almost died once and has been seeing ghosts ever since. She saw ghost Hee Joo at the park after Joong Won ripped the paper for Hye Seong up.

Joong Won makes light of this revelation, not believing her.
She tries to convince him by pointing to a chair that is rocking back and forth with no wind.  She tells him it's a ghost that often bothers her.

The ghost walks toward her and frightened she manhandles grabs Joong Won's arm again, and the ghost disappears. Aaaand she's back to wanting to sleep with him and now live with him (woah, live? already Gong Sil?)

But Joong Won is only interested in his money, obviously.

He's only afraid of things he sees (read: Gong Sil) and to prove he's sexier scarier than anything he can't see, he pushes the rocking chair himself and begins to walk off. However, rocking ghost doesn't like this and stops the rocking, confusing Joong Won. After another minute of her being desperate to be with him and him being full of his rich, handsome self, he rides off with Kang Woo watching him leave having just returned from dinner.
(I know all you just saw in those pictures were the cheekbones)

Back at his apartment, Joong Won confesses out loud that if ghosts exist, he wants to call Cha Hee Joo and talk to her.

We find ourselves now in a classroom full of girls, two of whom are attempting to conduct a séance. On one of the desks is a picture of a girl , presumably the one they are trying to call. Three of the other girls (henceforth Na Young and Co) are unusually worried and scared about this séance (guilty conscience I see?). The girls holding the séance asks if the person who killed her is in the room, and the pencil they are holding apparently zooms over to where the three guilty girls are sitting.

As they are attempting to reassure themselves that the whole thing was a joke, they all get texts from Lee Eun Seol, the dead girl. It's a picture of Na Young and Co in front of a fountain, and photo bombing them in the fountain is a creepy grotesque face.

We then realize that the fountain is none other than the one in Kingdom, and the photo has been spread all over the internet, making Joong Won upset that the image of his beloved mall may be tarnished. However, as we all know, things he can see are far scarier and more important. Joong Won is more upset about the Giant Mall that is opening up right in front of his own.

Gong Sil, walking past two Kingdom employees considering sending the picture to a news channel, goes to have coffee with her friend and tell her that she got a job as a janitor at the mall. She reassures her friend that she won't have any problems keeping the job this time because there is something "special" at Kingdom that isn't anywhere else.

Of course there is-ghost-vanishing hottie of course! So if a ghost does approach her at work, she can run to manhandle find Joong Won and all her problems will be solved! Not.

Na Young and Co are arguing about the paranormal picture, apparently taken the day Eun Seol died. They think photobomb ghost in the back is Eun Seol herself. They aren't sure if Eun Seol really sent it because she hates them or if it's just a joke from the kids that say the girls killed her. They also aren't sure if Eun Seol's car accident makes them blameless for her death, or whether what they did to her that day makes it their fault.

Back at Kingdom,Aunt and Uncle are discussing the picture as well. However here the story is that photobomb ghost is none other than Joong Won's dead girlfriend/kidnap buddy.

Joong Won meanwhile is getting upset that the expensive fountain he paid for is being called haunted. No one, dead or alive, would dare haunt his expensive fountain! He then bumps into Gong Sil who is haunting him working next to said expensive fountain, and confesses she got this job because he's here. Not of course because she thinks he's insanely attractive with his good looks and his massive fortune, but because of his ghost-vanishing skillz. Duh. Joong Won promptly tells her to get lost before he fires her.

Joong Won is now annoyed because a news channel has somehow gotten wind of the fountain ghost and wants to air the story (I wonder where they heard about it). Joong Won watches the story, which follows the line that the ghost is Joong Won's old girlfriend Hee Joo. Gong Sil, who is watching in an electronics store downstairs realizes it's not the same ghost she had seen, and tells Joong Won when he comes downstairs upset about the story.

Na Young and Co also see the report and decide to visit the fountain again.

Joong Won visits the detective that had dealt with the case years before, who says he discussed the case with the news channel because he thinks a new lead may develop from it. Joong Won pretends not care about finding the culprits except to get the ransom money back, but the detective is not fooled, recalling that Joong Won became dyslexic after the event, and certain that Joong Won still hasn't been able to read since then.

Very strange reaction to a kidnapping, but still adorbs.

Gong Sil is having dinner with the two cuties again, who tell her to help the ghost out, and Gong Sil agrees thinking that if she does then Joong Won will let her stay near him. Unfortunately for Gong Sil, the two cuties aren't as innocent as they seem, and don't believe that she can see ghosts either, but are just being nice to her for the free food. Poor Gong Sil.

Taking the advice of the selfish wise children, Gong Sil goes to Kingdom in the night to try to find out about the photobombing ghost, making new friends along the way.

Tired, she bumps into Kang Woo who had seen her in the security cameras (not creepy at all), and they start walking around the mall on the pretense that she's looking for something she lost earlier.

They then bump into Na Young and Co who have come looking for Eun Seol's ghost as well.

Gong Sil sees the ghost is with them, and realizes they are the girls from the photo.

Far away, Joong Won is back at the house where he had been kept during his kidnapping. He flashes back to his younger (possibly cuter) self and recalls everything, including his young, female captor. Uh oh, I sense a twist coming. However, he professes to Secretary Kim not to have seen his captor's face.

Meanwhile, Joong Won's aunt is having dinner with Yi Ryung. She's still furious about being thrown over and wants to know who the woman was that made Hye Seong change his mind.

The next morning,Gong Sil ambushes Joong Won as he drives in for work, saying she figured out who was in the picture. She promises to tell him in return for being allowed to continue working at Kingdom.

They go to the girls school, where we finally find out exactly what happened to Eun Seol.

Na Young and Co were annoyed with Eun Seol because she always made silly mistakes and caused problems for them. She was also poor and so would only buy them drinks- apple, orange and lemon sodas- when everyone was supposed to bring food.

The day Eun Seol died, the girls decided to hang out without her, but she still showed up. Annoyed, they told her they didn't want to hang out with her, making her leave. They took the picture after she left, and heard about her accident later that day.

They assume Eun Seol's ghost sent the picture message to the girls, but Gong Sil knows better. She marches into the classroom and forces one of the girls who had conducted the séance earlier to give the phone up.

Turns out she was with Eun Seol that day as well. After being told to leave, Eun Seol had used all her taxi money and bought the girls their favorite drinks to make up with them, and left her phone behind. As she followed Eun Seol to give it back, she watched Eun Seol overhear Na Young and Co plan to send Eun Seol the picture to hint that they didn't want her around.

She followed the crying Eun Seol outside, where she witnessed the accident. Angry and blaming the girls, she sent the text to make them feel guilty.

Of course a cat fight ensues.

A few minutes later,the three girls are sitting outside, wondering if they really are to blame for Eun Seol's death. 
They receive another text from her saying that she is fine and is listening. Knowing Gong Sil took the phone up from the other girl, they assume this one really is from Eun Seol (and not Gong Sil which of course would make no sense) and repent of their actions and apologize to her. As a sign to show them it's fine, Eun Seol uses her ghost money to buy sends them their favorite sodas again.

Gong Sil watches her spirit fly away while Joong Won judges her from afar, then drives away without her.

When she returns to Kingdom, Gong Sil finds that Joong Won is a man of his word and she can continue working at Kingdom, provided that she doesn't go creep find him. But as wise Secretary Kim knows from plenty of stalking himself, Joong Won has to come downstairs eventually.

And down he does come a few minutes later, evidently much happier about the paranormal picture because the buzz its created  has led to an increase in customers who are all making wishes (and dropping coins) into the expensive fountain. A ghost of a smile lingers on his face as he tells a little boy to make a wish to for new sneakers within earshot of his mother.

We then see Joong Won talking to his aunt, who is concerned that he still blames himself for Hee Joo's death. He tells her not to worry because he's never blamed himself.

We then flash back and realize that Joong Won had indeed seen his captor's face. It was none other than Cha Hee Joo herself. Dun dun dun.

Joo Joong Won isn't upset because he blames himself; he's upset that he can't be upset that she was his kidnapper because she died shortly afterward and possibly because of it.

Meanwhile, Kang Woo is being super sneaky and talking to someone on the phone about Joong Won. Whatever sneakiness he's doing, he doesn't want it connected to the kidnapping case. He is also bothered by Gong Sil's relation to Joong Won.

While Gong Sil is attempting to work and being distracted by her ghostly talents, Joong Won's aunt sees her and finds out that she's the woman Tae Ri Young is after.

As she leaves, Kang Woo comes up to Gong Sil and suggests they go home together since they live in the same building together, prompting the ahjummas to burst into fits of giggles and make desirable awkward implications.

Joong Won sees this and we see a bit of highly attractive and adorable jealousy.

He walks up to Gong Sil and tells her to give Cha Hee Joo a message if she sees her. The message is that she's a bad woman.

And the episode ends with adorableness. Yes.