by mysecretsoul, August 4, 2013

Shark Episode 20 Recap


Note: Recapping has been tremendous fun. I feel honored to have worked with my fellow recappers in order to write up detailed play by plays of Shark for your reading pleasure. Thanks so much for joining HeyItsEst, JustJackieB, Jazzy, and myself in this experience. As for myself, I'll definitely see you again -- possibly accompanying a certain good doctor next week.

Soo Hyun, escaping in the aftermath of Yi Soo's apparent murder, rings up Chairman Jo. He's concerned about receiving payment for his work -- and for good reason. The old devil is already trying to pull something, even going so far as to urge Soo Hyun to hide out in Korea. Soo Hyun doesn't bite and asks that Choi Byung Ki be sent to the slaughter next. He wants this whole business over with so he can get out of Dodge--err, Korea. 20 FInale/1_zps52c6592e.png
Near the end of the call Soo Hyun promises if their agreement isn't kept, Chairman Jo will regret it. He hangs up and eyes his gun which rests in the passenger seat. 20 FInale/2_zps3c1e8f3a.png
A shocked Junichiro receives news of Yi Soo's death whilst having a drink. This man is always having a drink but this kind of surprise was not on the menu.

At the river, Detective Byeon and his men search for the body in the water. Hae Woo, still clutching the shark pendant, gets a call which visibly stuns her. 20 FInale/4_zps25147d1d.png
Jo Ui Sun comes out of a gathering clearly meant to produce a cover-up for his slush fund. Everyone but the bespectacled Prosecutor Kim seems game; the man practically exudes "miffed" as he returns to his office building. Joon Young catches him mid-prowl and offers a bundle of information. This is unfortunately construed as another attempted cover up, so the offended prosecutor explains he's going after Gaya no matter what.

To his surprise, this is exactly what Joon Young wants him to do. The folder contains everything the prosecution would need. When asked why he'd do this, Joon Young says the best thing for Gaya is to be investigated and despite difficulties, renew itself. His only request is that Prosecutor Kim aid him in becoming the one to run New Gaya -- instead of the Chairman and his son. 20 FInale/5_zps82374bb7.png
Choi Byung Ki meets Soo Hyun at the promised drop-off point: Incheon Pier. He's brought the money as promised, complete with a cliche black bag. Meanwhile, an armed man sporting a familiar polo sneaks up on the exchange.

Things get intense when, despite telling him to leave, Soo Hyun confronts the former assassin about his father's murder. Since he said he'd seen it happen, that can mean only one thing: Choi Byung Ki was lying in wait to do the deed himself when Han Young Man beat him to it. With these words, Soo Hyun whips out his pistol to apparently finish the cycle of revenge... 20 FInale/6_zps8cdf5b9e.png
...when Detective Byeon pops out in all his short-sleeved, gun-toting glory. It's very satisfying to have Yi Hyun's adoptive father bring down the hammer of the law on this jerk, after what he's done to her and both her families.

After Choi Byung Ki is arrested and led away, our good detective approaches Soo Hyun to dramatic music. Hilarity unfolds as Detective Byeon delivers a soundtrack halting shin kick of justice. 20 FInale/7_zpsdda3e138.png
He asks whose plan this was once Soo Hyun has finished the obligatory one-legged, circular hop. Soo Hyun suddenly becomes adorable again and points to himself meekly in answer. Detective Byeon orders him back to the station and resumes being just -so- done with everything. 20 FInale/8_zps66018a63.png
An especially great moment occurs when he takes the money as evidence, muttering curses. Soo Hyun jokingly stops him to say, "That's my money." The reactionary sass look born of that comment is priceless. 20 FInale/9_zps3b114f9c.png

We cut to a moving vehicle with a very wet, obviously used bullet proof vest in the passenger side. That can mean only one thing: Yi Soo! Sporting a fetching black cap, our hero drives along to a flashback of the events which led to his and Soo Hyun's most recent scheme.

It begins with Soo Hyun punching a sad-eyed Yi Soo multiple times. Ultimately the two come to an understanding, though Soo Hyun admits he'd honestly wanted to hurt our hero by killing his precious Hae Woo. He eventually realized Yi Soo had already suffered enough-- and that he is the closest thing to family Soo Hyun has left. While he can't forgive Han Young Man, delivering Chairman Jo to justice is enough to break even and end their cycle of regret. The bromance lives! 20 FInale/11_zps60ac93d5.png

Dong Soo appears to meet Yi Soo, wearing sleep clothes. Because he's so casually happy to see his boss, it's clear he never heard a peep about the faked death drama. Yi Soo asks him to hand over a green card (or envelope?) to Secretary Jang. This prompts Dong Soo to sweetly avoid getting her in trouble while simultaneously attempting to warn Yi Soo about the bug. He already knows about Jang though, which surprises the silly driver. 

The pair parts with Yi Soo saying he and Dong Soo will meet again. Dong Soo, the only one still in the dark about Kim Jun's true identity, wonders why his boss spoke in such familiar terms. 20 FInale/12_zpsc37d4a0b.png
Choi Byung Ki undergoes questioning at the police station. Detective Byeon and his partner are doing the asking, while Hae Woo and another officer look on behind the two-way mirror. This seems pretty pointless since this guy's job was to torture others for information. It's going to be hard to get someone like him to talk. 20 FInale/13_zps691ad0ef.png
And it is. He remains silent.

Hae Woo and the detectives go through the money bag for clues. They learn that every bit of it, even the checks, are fakes. It becomes clear that the only way to prosecute Chairman Jo now is to get Choi Byung Ki talking or to find some other lead.

Hae Woo finally offers to talk to the minion she once knew as the friendly bookstore ajusshi. Seemingly on her way down the hall to do so, she receives a call from Yi Soo.

She seems somewhat startled to hear his voice, despite knowing he wasn't killed by Soo Hyun. He leaps directly into asking about the progress with Choi Byung Ki. This offends Hae Woo since Yi Soo hadn't bothered to tell her in advance or even apologize (until prompted to in this conversation). Her anger fades fast though, so our hero mentions they might make headway by promising to protect Choi's family from Chairman Jo.

It's interesting to note just how annoyed he is that she's given the USB entrusted to her over to the press already. Probably should have told her you had a plan, Yi Soo.

Apparently Yi Soo called from Giant Hotel where he has been lying in wait for Junichiro to leave. After gaining visual confirmation he has, Yi Soo shuffles into his office and steals some computer files.

Hae Woo tries her hand at breaking Choi Byung Ki. As expected, he soon has something to say. He poses the question as to whether Han Yi Soo is more precious to her than her own family. Hae Woo replies that while Yi Soo was the catalyst, he's not the reason she's carrying through. She knows revealing the truth will topple Gaya Hotel and demolish her career, but gaining forgiveness for the Chairman's wrongs is most important.

"It isn't too late for you either. Don't miss your chance for forgiveness," Hae Woo adds. Her words prompt Choi Byung Ki to ask for a direct call to Yi Soo, a request which is granted.

After a little back and forth nemesis sass, our hero is asked to bring Choi's wife a new necklace for her upcoming birthday. This is a subtle way to point Yi Soo in that direction -- since the additional strange direction to throw out her old one is given. No promises are made about confessing, but it's probably just a way for the old man to cover his bases.

Dong Soo delivers the little green envelope to Secretary Jang. He also fills her in on the details from the street encounter in which he'd received it -- from "Kim Jun's" odd behavior, to his long term knowledge of her spying.

The secretary opens the envelope and another USB drive falls into her hands. As if on cue, Yi Soo calls to explain. It contains a press release which is to be distributed one day prior to the grand opening of the hotel. Jang seems genuinely touched he still trusts her, but he interrupts her apology with the notion there will be time for explanations later. Their conversation ends and, despite her light exchange with Dong Soo, her worry for Yi Soo is written all over her face. 20 FInale/16_zpsfc607ead.png
Detective Kwon drops in on the interrogation team as they break for the day. He greets Detective Byeon and his partner, apparently intent on getting a look at the guy they nabbed for Detective Oh's murder. He wants to ask a few questions of his own as the one in charge of that case.

When he slips into the interrogation room, all is dark and the monitors are off. Nothing is being filmed in the chamber. It's great protocol to allow a guy you barely know to interrogate your only suspect wholly unsupervised. There's no reason other people hang out on the other side of the glass eight, right?

This is (not) awesome, because this guy is Chairman Jo's other assassin (specifically to blame for the attempt on Prosecutor Oh). With a menacing look, he presents a "diabetes" pill to Choi Byung Ki. 20 FInale/17_zpse72d5c46.png

Kwon doesn't even try to be subtle as he uses medication as a euphemism for suicide. If his fellow assassin refuses to comply, his family will be in danger; Someone is already on the way to his wife. An unfazed Choi downs the pill with little hesitation as his murderer shouts for help. Does this guy go to the same acting classes as Chairman Jo?

Detective Byeon and his partner rush onto the scene, demanding an ambulance and answers. Kwon offers some handy lies but our good detective grabs his shirt in a rage, equal parts frustration and suspicion. Their back and forth ends with Kwon pretending he's just as confused and upset as everyone else. Ha.

Here Detective Byeon finally orders the room be closed from entry.  Detective Kwon is also prohibited from leaving the station until the back up from headquarters arrives. 20 FInale/18_zps9c82f607.png
Byeon is just so done.

The bad news reaches through the grapevine to Yi Soo. It's like he can see his mounting success crumbling before his eyes.

Hae Woo meets with the reporter she entrusted with publishing a copy of the document. Another disappointment strikes when she learns it will be impossible. Luckily she knows a pretty great hacker, so she asks him to widespread deliver it online. Anonymously, of course. The guy seems very nonchalant about the possibility of his life being in danger too.

Nearly the moment she's alone, Hae Woo has an unexpected run in with Joon Young. I thought Yi Soo had the market cornered on these. 20 FInale/19_zps5c9e4f37.png

This couple isn't even trying to have normal conversations anymore. Their short conversation has Hae Woo wondering if the document will even be believed and whether her course of action was right. Ever supportive, Joon Young assures she did her best. Whatever happens from now on is out of her hands.

We cut to our hero standing solitary on a rooftop. The city he looks out on is bright with artificial light, but the polar star still shines down on him visibly. Does it represent the first ray of the mortal world for our long-suffering Orpheus? 20 FInale/20_zpsa4567e7f.png

It may just. The next morning reveals the sensational "The Truth About Chun Young Bo" really is spreading everywhere. A montage of its viral spread shows even Yi Hyun and Mrs. Park checking it out.

Chairman Jo appears unfazed as he waxes innocent and amused to what appears to be a government representative. When the man asks if that counts as a denial though,Chairman Jo's genteel veneer pops right off. Menace laces his voice as he basically threatens every politician he ever helped will go down with him -- should the public begin to doubt. The representative proceeds to quickly hop on the innocence train as well. Our hero just landed a government cover up as an obstacle on top of everything else.

Joon Young warns his wife about the reporters swarming the Jo Household, advising her not to meet them right away. If I remember correctly, the clothes she put on just before are from their awkward shopping trip.

Despite his apparent advantage, Chairman Jo takes time out to call out yet another assassin. He demands Yi Soo be found and killed right away.

Yi Soo seems fine for the moment as he chills to Roy Kim's "Bom Bom Bom." He's honestly waiting on Soo Hyun and Yi Hyun to arrive for their group meal, which soon they do. 

Things go swimmingly until Yi Hyun brings up the "strange email" which is totally the leaked document. Food never came at a more timely moment; the potentially awkward conversation is halted by the arrival of spaghetti. This is the rain check meal then, aww.

Eventually Yi Hyun produces a camera from her bag. She excludes Soo Hyun, forcing him into the role of photographer despite his pouty "What about me?" This is a brother and sister only photo, thank you very much. Making that cute face won't help. 20 FInale/22_zps676cf22c.png

He asks them to strike a pose, so Yi Hyun chooses the "V." Despite not counting down, they still get the perfect photo, which Hae Woo is sent automatically.

As she's looking over the happy photo, our heroine picks up a call from Detective Byeon. The autopsy results are in: the pill contained the same poison used in the murders of Han Young Man and Detective Oh. Byeon isn't clear on how much hot water he landed in for his oversight, but says he's mostly miffed about losing their only lead. A ridiculously optimistic Hae Woo says they'll just look for more evidence...?

Better than no plan at all, I suppose.

Meanwhile, Chairman Jo addresses the press camped outside his house. He refuses to answer questions about the scandal and instead declares intent to use his assets from Gaya Hotel for charity. He didn't bother to inform his son apparently, because Ui Sun is flabbergasted by the revelation. 20 FInale/23_zpsbdcca7fc.png

The reporter from earlier appears at the press swarm. He questions whether the donation announcement is actually just a diversion from the Chun Young Bo controversy. Under pressure Chairman Jo is forced to say something other than the constant insistence the story isn't worth talking about. So he admits...

...he'll have to reflect on what he might have done to make someone tell such a vicious lie. The reporter isn't amused, but Chairman Jo pretends that he'll forgive this "libel" if the accuser apologizes. Are you kidding me right now? 

Hae Woo goes through the box filled with her grandmother's possessions, finally having received it at her office. She passes over many seemingly mundane items until an unusual hairpin catches her eye. 20 FInale/24_zps85b07893.png
As she fiddles with it, Hae Woo accidentally twists off one end and discovers another photograph. I don't mind this one, since there's no way to misconstrue what we're looking at. 20 FInale/25_zps52b81290.png
It's a young chairman, still in the persona of Chun Young Bo. What's more is that he's picture surrounded by bodies all belonging to those he helped murder.

Yi Soo hears the news while in the car. He's so irritated that it's painted on his face. 20 FInale/26_zpsa51939ae.png

Eventually he gets tired of listening and checks in with Soo Hyun, who is driving Yi Hyun home from the movies. We learn our hero's destination is the nursing home to visit the now-deceased Choi Byung Ki's wife. Also, Yi Hyun has been super tired lately...but that's just because she's worried about Yi Soo. Right?

We join Yi Soo at the new home in which Choi's sick wife resides. As instructed over the phone, he offers the woman her birthday present: a new necklace. Springing to life once the gift box is in her hands, she pulls her old one into view. 

There has been a key draped around her neck all this time! Yi Soo ends up leaving with both key and chain.

Soo Hyun and Yi Hyun arrive home safely, but he can't seem to wake her. The next scenes have him rushing her to the hospital, where he and her adopted family learn she has a mystery liver disease. The only cure? A transplant, which neither Byeon or his wife can offer.

Yi Soo basically flies to the hospital for news. Detective Byeon looks to him as if stunned. 20 FInale/27_zps15c7f7ef.png

Hae Woo arrives at Yi Hyun's bedside. We subsequently learn Yi Soo has already agreed to providing the transplant, for which our good detective thanks him. There's little time for sentimentality as Yi Soo hands over the recently acquired key.

There's unfinished business to attend to before the surgery can take place. Yi Soo promises to stay safe until that time -- and that he'll turn himself in once his sister is released from the hospital. He fully admits to his guilt in Detective Jung's death and clears Soo Hyun from wrongdoing.

Yi Soo takes some time to visit Junichiro, who comments that if nothing comes of the documents his protege has failed.

Our hero merely responds in kind: "Your plan for revenge has failed." He forks over a press release which states all of Giant Hotel's Korean profits will be donated to torture victims. Secretary Jang is in charge of the actual funds and Yi Soo can do all of this since he's in charge of this wing of the business.

Oh, and the media already has the press releases so this is just a courtesy.

Junichiro tries to play menacing but Yi Soo has some tasty dirt on him. It isn't as good as what he was given on Chairman Jo, but slush funds and attempted lobbying are just the start. Should anything befall either the secretary or Yi Soo, that information will be transmitted straight to the Japanese prosecutors.

It seems Junichiro taught Yi Soo a little too well; he seems ready to rend the armrests right off his chair as he alternates between smirk and grimace. 20 FInale/29_zpsaa56be34.png

With this victory, our hero leaves his one-time benefactor with words of gratitude. Once Junichiro is alone he breaks out into hysterical laughter. I was under the impression during my last recap these two had reached an understanding, but there's always something more with these characters.

Detective Byeon arrives for a gander Choi Byung Ki's bookstore. He soon finds the key's matching lock inside that old box the late assassin used to transport books. There's also a secret compartment which yields a ledger of monetary favors and a clear recording of Chairman Jo ordering the hit on Detective Oh. 20 FInale/30_zpsb0cfa1d5.png

Between this new evidence and Hae Woo's pictorial discovery, the prosecutor's office finally issues an arrest warrant for the old devil. When the authorities arrive with it in tow, Chairman Jo attempts suicide with a pistol tucked away in his desk.

He pulls the trigger after a few seconds... 20 FInale/31_zpsaa47e8b6.png

...and discovers, wide-eyed that he's still alive. We find that Mrs. Park has removed and hidden the accompanying bullets. You are definitely going to jail, sir.

The chairman is dragged out by the police, buffeted by prying reporters. When asked if he has anything to say to the outraged citizenry, he dares say he dedicated his entire life to the country. If he had said "to evil," it would have actually been true.

Once things are quiet in the house, Mrs. Park delivers Ui Sun the box of his mother's mementos. He weeps like a broken-hearted child as he comes across her memorial photo.

The news tells us the aftermath of Chairman Jo's arrest in voice over. He's being investigated for both Detective Oh's murder and his horrific youthful dealings. Public awareness of people like Chun Young Bo has increased, leading to re-investigations of similar tragedies and their attributed figures in Korean history. There is a general demand for Japanese collaborators to be brought to justice, especially if they gained wealth while freedom fighters suffer poverty.

On screen: Secretary Jang stands vigil over Yi Soo's empty desk at Giant Group. Hae Woo finds the wooden shark pendant tucked away while cleaning out her own. Gaya faces scrutiny by the law as led by Prosecutor Kim, while Joon Young looks on patiently. A pale but cheerful Yi Hyun enjoys a stroll hand-in-hand with her smiling brother. 20 FInale/32_zpsa9cd81a1.png

Meanwhile, Chairman Jo sits in the dark like always... 20 FInale/33_zps9f07ef23.png

...but this time in prison.

On the last fin of Shark, Yi Soo and Hae Woo arrange to meet. Each of them have a lot to say to one another and agree this may be the only opportunity. The sweet vocal "Countless Days," plays as our smiling hero waits for his heroine. She comes into his view and he moves to meet her.

A disgusting click. An armed gun pressed against the base of Yi Soo's skull. 20 FInale/34_zpsf3258f7c.png

Before he can turn to face his attacker the weapon discharges, lodging a bullet in his neck. How could we forget? Chairman Jo had another assassin....

Hae Woo heard the heart-rending blast, but arrives too late. Despite rushing to his side, all she can do is try to tend him as he lies in a bloody heap. The would-be murderer has already stalked off.

Yi Soo convulses, repeating his sister's name. "I have to live," he stammers. Unfortunately, even as Hae Woo panics over his state, Yi Soo loses consciousness.

Chairman Jo exits the series smiling like a maniac. His cruel laughter echoes throughout the jail, sounding his final victory.

Yi Hyun goes in for her transplant, not knowing what has befallen her sibling. Detective Byeon and his wife visibly suffer even as they tell her white lies so she can get through the procedure.

We learn that Yi Soo lived through the attack as if by some miracle. Hae Woo thinks it wasn't a miracle but his will to save his sister. She kisses the comatose Yi Soo a final time, leaving him with words of love. 20 FInale/36_zpsf6c0cda4.png

Yi Soo is wheeled into surgery himself shortly after. He is accompanied tearfully by his closest male friends Soo Hyun, Joon Young...

...and Dong Soo, who sobs hopelessly on the ground for a friend he's lost twice.

My favorite imagery in the series takes place with Hae Woo as she waits alone in her love's hospital room. There is a broken clock on the wall whose still hands suddenly begin moving. Her time, which stopped twelve years ago, has finally started again. She has to let go of Yi Soo.

The final scenes deeply imply the death of our hero, as Hae Woo has journeyed to the sea to release the last vestiges of his memory. She promises Yi Soo his struggle is over and he can breathe comfortably now, offering their precious shark pendant to the waters. 20 FInale/37_zpsfe119cf2.png

As she watches the waves gently carry it away, she takes a deep breath herself.