by HeyitsEst, June 16, 2013

Episode 4 Recap

It’s a dark and eerie night atop a rooftop in Tokyo, Japan. A patient whose face is heavily bandaged [Yi Soo-ya, is that you??] is standing on the ledge, preparing to step off. The patient steps forward, but before he is able to separate from the ledge, a hand suddenly reaches out to pull him back.


After driving all night, Hae Woo and Joon Young finally arrive at the location specified by the unknown caller (Jung Mun Chull). Joon Young insists that they wait for Chief Kim to arrive before entering, but Hae Woo is determined to uncover the truth about what happened 12 years ago, and thus enters the abandoned warehouse. As she steps through the doorway, with Joon Young close behind, she sees a man slouched in a chair on the other side of the room. Hae Woo calls out to the man, half expecting a response, but as she gets closer, she discovers that the man is dead. She cautions Joon Young to keep away as to spare him the horrifying sight, but [HE IS A MAN! So…] he continues regardless.

Written in blood, a circle spreads across the man’s bare abdomen, and a wound is clearly visible on his right thigh. [That explains the gouging sound from the end of episode 3 and why Jun kept tapping the man’s thigh :p] Hae Woo continues to examine the body and recognizes the man’s identity to be Jung Mun Chul—the detective that was in charge of Yi Soo’s father’s murder investigation [aka crooked-detective]. Not long after, Detective Byun unexpectedly walks through the warehouse doors. As it turns out, Detective Byun also received a call telling him to go to that location if he wanted to find out the truth about what had happened 12 years ago.

The warehouse officially becomes a crime scene, as investigators are seen thoroughly tracing the grounds. Hae Woo and Detective Byun are with the chief crime scene investigator as he explains Mun Chul’s cause of death. Accordingly, there is evidence of poison as revealed by the mark of an injection needle at the back of the neck. Riddled by the news, Hae Woo goes outside to speak with Joon Young.

She’s hesitant to ask that they postpone their honeymoon, but to her surprise, Joon Young tells her that he cancelled their reservation. He jokes that if he’s the husband of a prosecutor, he should at least be able to endure that much. Relieved, Hae Woo heads back inside the warehouse, and encounters Prosecutor Soo Hyun on her way. He tries to dissuade her from postponing her honeymoon, but to no avail. [He obviously has an ulterior motive. Like seriously, why is her honeymoon any of his business anyways?]

In the meantime, Yi Soo is sitting in his hotel room, and recalls the moment of his accident. Drenched in blood and surrounded by the disastrous aftermath of the collision, the young Yi Soo manages to open his eyes. As he struggles to see clearly, Yi Soo barely makes out a man [who we know is Junchiro Yoshimura] standing above him before he blacks out. From this, it becomes clear that THE one who pulled Yi Soo from the ledge, is Junichiro Yoshimura. The memory then merges with the eerie rooftop scene from the beginning of the episode, and we see Junichiro yank Yi Soo from the lege. The force ultimately causes Yi Soo to collapse on the roof, and as Yi Soo struggles to stand, Junchiro chides that even after his treatment, Yi Soo will live with pain in his shoulders and legs forever.

When Yi Soo gets to his feet, he demands to know why Junchiro saved him. Junchiro responds that it was his duty as a human being to save Yi Soo from dying, and that it is now Yi Soo’s duty to continue living. Yi Soo won’t admit it, but Junchiro knows that Yi Soo is devastated by having to take on another identity just to live. He knows that Yi Soo feels as though he’s lost everything, so there is no longer a reason to live, but Junchiro assures Yi Soo that if he continues to live, opportunities will come no matter how bad things seem to be. With that, Junchiro walks away.

[Back to the present] Hae Woo, Joon Young, Detective Byun and Soo Hyun are all at a nearby park. Joon Young and Soo Hyun discuss marriage life while Hae Woo and the detective delve deeper into uncovering the truth about what happened 12 years ago. As they contemplate the murder of Mun Chul, Detective Byun informs Hae Woo that the method of Man Chul’s poisoning is the exact same method for which was used to murder Yi Soo’s father. He continues by insisting that Hae Woo not get involved in the case as to avoid any emotional conflictions. Of course, she refuses, but Detective Byun sticks to keeping Hae Woo off the case and walks away.

[In the city] Yi Soo sees Yi Hyun on the street. He watches as she passes a window with a telescope, and stops to look at it through the glass. He can tell that she still remembers him, because he thinks back to the time Yi Hyun promised she would make lots of money and buy Yi Soo a telescope. After briefly thinking of her brother, Yi Hyun continues walking down the street heads to a café that she works at. Yi Soo follows not far behind, only following until he sees her enter the café.

[In Café] Hae Woo goes to see Yi Hyun and tells her that the murder case she is currently working on may be linked to her father’s murder and Yi Soo’s disappearance. Hae Woo asks her if Yi Soo acted strange in any way 12 years ago, and after a quick moment to think, Yi Hyun tells Hae Woo about the key she found in the music box.

Hae Woo arrives at the hotel, and Joon Young sees her as he makes his way down the stairs. While he heads towards her, Hae Woo talks on the phone with Detective Byun and asks about the locker key he found at the scene 12 years ago. He tells her that the key went missing not long after he put it in the evidence room. This supports the fact that it was an inside job, and that they need to continue cautiously because even their comrades could be dirty.

JoonYoung finally meets up with Hae Woo, and the two of them head to the elevator. Joon Young hints at the ‘things’ they could ‘do’ without even realizing Yi Soo is right beside them. [Awkward….] The three of them are waiting for the elevator, and the typical ‘how’d you sleep?’ kind of small talk begins. At some point Joon Young formally introduces himelf to Yi Soo (aka Jun Yoshimura), and Yi Soo replies that he knows who Joon Young is. Surprised, Joon Young is curious as to how Yi Soo already knows him, but Yi Soo just stares at him. Before the situation could get any more awkward, the elevator arrives.

About to walk out is the secretary, who was looking for Yi Soo. Yi Soo tells her they can go to his room, so all four of them are now in the elevator heading to their respective rooms. [The situation is awkward yet again…] The secretary breaks the silence by asking if Yi Soo is hungry and what he’d like to eat. When Yi Soo says he doesn’t care, Hae Woo suggests that the secretary and Yi Soo eat kimchi stew from a small restaurant behind the hotel. The secretary agrees, so Joon Young also suggests that they try the rice wine there too because it’s good.

When the elevator finally arrives to the floor of Yi Soo’s room, as Yi Soo and the secretary walk out, she asks Yi Soo if they really should order rice wine too, but he coldly replies, “In your dreams.” Hae Woo hears him, and flashes back to 12 years ago when Yi Soo helped her walk after she stepped on glass. Back then she joked that he should carry her, and he said, “In you dreams.” [Either the present Yi Soo is purposely reminding Hae Woo of the past, or I’m crazy.]
Yi Soo and the secretary enter the hotel room. [In this scene, we find out that the secretary’s name is Secretary Jung, so from now on, that’s how I’ll refer to her.] He tells Secretary Jung that he needs a driver and hands her a note with the name, Kim Dong Soo on it and a phone number below it.

Secretary Jung calls Dong Soo, who is already a struggling driver/deliveryman, and offers him the job as a driver for Giant Hotel. Of course, without any hesitation he accepts.
A couple hours later, Hae Woo wakes from nightmare about Yi Soo. As she tries to calm herself, she receives a text message, prompting her to rush out of the room.

She arrives at the school that her, Joon Young  and Yi Soo previously attended, and goes to the library, because the message she received was a picture of the “Arts” section in the library. She glances through the titles of the books on the shelves and finds the book about her favorite painter, Chagall. [This is the SAME book that the bookstore owner saved for her 12 years ago.] She flips through the pages and a picture falls out.
Yi Soo goes the the lake where his parents ashes are scattered. He notices a bouquet of flowers on the beach and is delighted to know that Yi Hyun hasn’t forgotten about her parents. As it turns out, Yi Hyun is not the only one who visits the lake. The maid arrives and greets Yi Soo (she doesn’t recognize him). She asks if Yi Soo knows the deceased, and he replies that he just wanted to go sight seeing and wondered there. When Yi Soo asked if she knew the deceased, the maid admits that she was secretly in love with Young Man (Yi Soo’s father). She feels a sense of releif after opening up about her feelings, and begins to leave. Before she goes Yi Soo offers her a ride home, but she’d rather not ask so much from a stranger. Nevertheless, Yi Soo ends up driving her to the mansion.
[Back in the library] Just as Detective Byun also received a call to go to the warehouse, he received the same picture message as Hae Woo. As she looks at the small building picture, Detective Byun suddenly appears and reaches for the picture. Detective Byun tells Hae Woo about how Yi Soo had found evidence that could prove why his father was killed, and he believes that this is the reason Yi Soo was targeted. He informs her that the key Yi Soo had at the time was to a locker at a train station. Also, when investigators went to the train station, the clerk that gave Yi Soo the envelope disappeared. It’s a huge cover up.

Hae  Woo and Detective Byun are leaving the library when Hae Woo gets a call from her father-in-law, Prosecutor Oh. He persuades her to take a break from the case and enjoy her honeymoon for Joon Young’s sake. She agrees and tells Prosecutor Oh that she and Joon Young will visit him soon. Before they hang up, Prosecutor asks what Man Chul had said before he died. Hae Woo informs him that the only thing Man Chul told her was where to meet.

After the call, Prosecutor Oh thinks back to when Hae Woo’s father told him that he should have gotten rid of Man Chul when he had the chance. He’s trying to wrap his head around how Hae Woo’s father could be related to this entire case.
Hae Woo and Detective Byun continue towards their cars. The detective still insists that Hae Woo not get involved in the case, but her mind is made up. She believes the red circle drawn on Man Chul’s dead body is an indication to start from the beginning, so she wants to start re-investigating the hit-and-run accident from 12 years ago. She prepares to get in her car when the detective tells her that there was a seven year old kid who witness the accident, and he’s not included in the case file.

While Hae Woo and the detective head for Kang Dae Hoon (the kid witness), Prosecutor Soo Hyun finds the boy (who is now a high school student) first. By the time Hae Woo and the detective arrive at the  boys house to question him about the hit-and-run 12 years ago, the boy continually tells them that he cannot remember anything. [Obviously a lie….]

Before Dae Hoon walks away, the detective asks about the ‘shiny watch’ he told Yi Soo about. It’s written all over his face that he remembers, but again, he tells Hae Woo and the detective that he can’t remember. The mentioning of the ‘shiny watch’ reminds Hae Woo of the time Yi Soo kept asking about her father’s watch.
[At the mansion] Grandpa Jo is speaking with Prosecutor Oh in his study. The two discuss how adamant Hae Woo is about staying on the case and how it would be best if she were off of it. Grandpa Jo asks how much Hae Woo knows about why Yi Soo was ‘killed’, and the prosecutor confirms that she knows nothing.

The prosecutor hesitantly admits that there is something bothering him. He tells Grandpa Jo about how Man Chul was blackmailing Hae Woo’s father—basically hinting at the possibility that Hae Woo’s father is responsible for Man Chul’s death. Grandpa Jo haughtily brushes off the prosecutor’s allegation by insisting that Hae Woo’s father isn’t capable of such a thing.
Yi Soo meets with the Blue Hotel Chairman, President Moon, in order to make a deal on the sale of Blue Hotel. The chairman tells Yi Soo that their meeting is not necessary since he’s already given Joon Young his word that Blue Hotel will sell to Gaya Hotel (Joon Young manages Hae Woo’s family’s hotel franchise).

Yi Soo pulls out a tape recorder and plays the voice of a young girl who was sexually abused  by the chairman—so bad that she is currently in a mental institution.  Yi Soo gives the chairman a choice of letting Giant Hotel buy out Blue hotel, or let Blue Hotel go under Gaya Hotel and the tape recorder as well as other evidence of abuse that Yi Soo has gathered gets turned into the media and authorities. The chaiman concedes to the former.
Hae Woo arrives home and finds her father outside. She asks him if he is related to the hit-and-run accident that Yi Soo’s father was involved in. She continues by asking if by chance, he was the one responsible for the accident and Yi Soo’s father just took the blame. Her father denies his involvement, and on that note, Hae Woo informs him that she will re-investigate the case from the VERY beginning..VERY closely. Her father asks why she wants to re-investigate a case that’s already been closed, and she tell him that it’s because the lead investigator of that case, Man Chul, was murdered.
[At the hotel] Secretary Jung walks into Yi Soo’s room with papers that she prepared for him upon his request. However, he’s on the couch sleeping, so she leaves the papers on the table and is about to leave. She takes a moment to [uhemm..lovingly..] look at Yi Soo. She flashes back to the moment they first met.
Four years ago, in Tokyo, Yi Soo and Secretary Jung were at an aquarium.

Yi Soo was strolling around the parks grounds when he notices a Japanese woman screaming from someone to stop a thief that had stolen her purse. The thief is running Yi Soo’s way, but he doesn’t seem to care, so it’s not like he’s going to be THE one to stop the thief. Before the thief gets any closer to Yi Soo, Secretary Jung comes out of nowhere and slows the thief down. He’s cuts his losses and escapes, running right by Yi Soo.
Secretary Jung returns the purse to the woman, and turns to look at Yi Soo. She’s baffled by his indifference, so she goes to tell him off. [Rule #1 in dramaland: NEVER assume the other person cannot speak the same language as you.] The secretary tracks Yi Soo down and greets him in Japanese, because she assumes he’s a Japanese man. She then  begins to lecture him in Korean about how he, as a man, should not just stand by and watch as someone is in need of help. She even tells him that his good looks is no excuse to do such a thing.

She bids farewell in Japanese and is about to part ways. To her surprise, Yi Soo comments that her shoelaces are untied and walks past her. She’s immediately embarrassed and feels bad about what she had said, so she apologizes. As she walks away, Yi Soo actually breaks his usual cold and serious demeanor, and smiles.
The scene then shifts to a group of newbie employees practicing their greetings. Secretary Jung is among them. While the practice their bows and whatnot, Giant Hotel president, Junchiro Yoshimura and his entourage of other higher ups walk by. Secretary Jung glaces towards them and is taken aback when she sees Yi Soo. They briefly make eye contact as one of the other trainees informs the secretary that the man she was looking at is Jun Yoshimura.

In the next scene, the secretary meets with Junchiro. [This is probably when she was brought into the loop, and hired to assist Yi Soo.]
[The next day-At the villa] After having breakfast with Joon Young, Hae Woo wonders in the woods and experiences a sense of nostalgia. She walks by the tree where Yi Soo and her stood to keep from the rain 12 years ago, and is reminded of how Yi Soo kissed her forehead.  Peering from behind a tree, Yi Soo is there too. As Hae Woo walks down the path to the lake, Yi Soo follows right behind her, and now Joon Young has started walking in the forest.

Hae Woo makes it to the lake and takes in the beautiful sight. She then notices a man walk out from behind a tree, and it’s Yi Soo!