by Laugarza, May 23, 2013

Episode 11 Recap

Kang Chi greets his new "friend" chicken and starts to eat while Gong Dal enjoys his borrowed admiral hat. Gong Dal asks Kang Chi why he wants to be human and Kang Chi quickly replies so he can be with his family again at the 100 Year Inn. Gong Dal asks what if they have changed like Kang Chi has changed don’t want to go back to how things were. Gong Dal asks him hard questions including what he will do if they no longer see him as family and end up betraying him. Kang Chi however is a bit of a trusting fool and says they would never do so.

Meanwhile at the gisaeng house Jo Gwan Woong has just told Head Chun to get Cheung Jo ready as he has decided he will not wait for her and be the her first lover that night. Cheung Jo who just happened to be in the doorway at that moment drops the drink she was holding on the floor in shock. The two turn to look at her. The way to old for her Jo Gwan Woong walks out of the room and as he passes her promises to see her at sunset. Head Chun hears this too and sighs in disgust.

At the academy Tae Seo has gone to Kang Chi blindfolded and gets on his knees begging him to save his sister. Yeo Wool stands nearby and hears the exchange. Tae Seo begs Kang Chi to leave and life far away with his sister with his blessing. This of course must kill Yeo Wool who hears his plea.

At the gisaeng house Cheung Jo begs Head Chun to tell her what she heard isn’t true and when she says it is true threatens to commit suicide. Head Chun slaps her and tells her to get her senses back because even if she kills herself no one will really care as others are in worse situations. She suggests Cheung Jo stay alive until the end and as Chung Jo cries Head Chun leaves telling her to clean up the mess she made. Down the hall Head Chun stops and looks upset over the whole scene that just occurred.

At the academy Yeo Wool and Gon Yi are doing a training session with some students but Yeo Wool is about a thousand miles away. When a student asks her a question she ignores it. Gon Yi notices her distraction and stares after her as she calls the class to an end and leaves.

Yeo Wool finds Kang Chi sitting pensively on a bench. She clears her throat and walks by him trying to get him to notice a couple times. When that doesn’t work she just sits next to him. Kang Chi doesn’t get subtle hints. She gets straight to the point and asks if he will be leaving. Kang Chi looks at her in surprise and she asks if he will follow Tae Seo’s wish to save Cheung Jo. He replies she wouldn’t want to go with him anyway. Also he admits Cheung Jo doesn’t know what he is and fears she won’t be able to accept it.  Yeo Wool tells Kang Chi that Cheung Jo might not even care what he is since. If it is fine with her it could be okay with Cheung Jo too. He asks if that could really happen and Yeo Wool replies if Cheung Jo cares for him it won’t matter as all girls are the same when it comes to the heart.

Kang Chi scoffs at her knowing anything about girls and Yeo Wool reminds him she is a girl too. (Did he forget?) He explains he meant that they are just two very different girls. He says Cheung Jo is fragile and Yeo Wool gets annoyed and says all girls in love have the same feelings in their heart.  Kang Chi wonders if Yeo Wool has ever been in love for her to know this and of course she denies being in love before so he snorts (how cute) says she shouldn’t say she understands love. Yeo Wool has to listen as he describes his feelings of love for Cheung Jo. Yeo Wool congratulates Kang Chi on his love and he tells her not to worry as he will tell her first if he decides to leave.

Kang Chi then teases her about whether Dam Goon (Yeo Wool) will ever go up and find love and they start playfully fighting with each other.

Dam Pyung Joon watches the exchange from nearby and remembers his conversation with Gong Dal. He asked Gong Dal if he trusted Kang Chi since him played a bet with him and Gong Dal asks what reason Dam Pyung Joon has for not liking the boy. He admits he killed his father. Gong Dal wonders then if his only reason is his fear that Kang Chi will want revenge against him.

Gon Yi appears and Dam Pyung Joon tells him he will be leaving for the night so he will be in charge of the school. He leaves and Gon Yi notices that Kang Chi and Yeo Wool are joking nearby. Gon Yi gets his I can't stand Kang Chi look.

At the gisaeng house Cheung Jo takes out the medicine Kang Chi gave her to look at it. Just then a guest arrives to see her. It is her maid who brought her the news of her mother’s death along with a package sent by Jo Gwan Woong. They do not get to talk long as the other gisaeng's arrive to see what the maid brought. The gisaeng’s grab the package and open it despite the maid’s protests. They are jealous until the top gisaeng spitefully says it if because she will be giving her first night to Jo Gwan Woong.

The maid returns to the inn and tells the other servants what she found out would happen that night. She demands to know where Kang Chi is to tell him. Kang Chi’s friend says he will go tell him himself. Jo Gwan Woong saw the whole exchange and is satisfied as they don’t even know what they are doing. (A trap of course!!!) He tells his guards to get ready.

At the academy Kang Chi is told the news that Cheung Jo will be given that night to Jo Gwan Woong in the presence of Cheung Jo and Yeo Wool. He is about to take off to the rescue when Yeo Wool stops him and says she thinks it is a trap. The inn servant takes offense but she explains he could have just fallen in the trap to. Kang Chi says he is going anyways so Yeo Wool says she will go with Kang Chi to save Cheung Jo and help him out of the trap. Both Kang Chi and Gon Yi disagree with that idea. Yeo Wool is amazed they are in agreement over anything. She makes her case and wins. The inn servant wonders if they shouldn’t tell Tae Seo and Kang Chi says it’s best not to tell him.

They don’t know he is nearby listening and remembering Jo Gwan Woong’s threats against his sister. He is seen leaving by Gong Dal who warns him about losing his ability to see because of illusions.

Jo Gwan Woong leaves for the gisaeng house.

Cheung Jo sits in her room as dusk arrives while Head Chun paces in her own room. Night falls. Head Chun has a plan. Outside the servants have started putting lights around the gisaeng house but Head Chun stops them and tells them they will be closed for the night. The gisaengs all wonder what is going on.

Jo arrives at the front gate for the gisaeng house only to find it closed with a straw mat in front of it. No lights are on and no guests are around. The door opens as he approaches to show Head Chun sitting alone in front of the building. She says they are not open for business that night. This is her stand to protect Cheung Jo from Jo Gwan Woong.

She couldn’t stop two people dying after she listened to him in a similar situation so she will do her utmost now to protect her charges. The servants and gisaeng's watch the whole exchange from nearby. Jo Gwan Woong asks what head Chun thinks she is doing trying to stand in his way and she tells him to kill her if he must as that is the only way he will get Cheung Jo but he better remember she is government property. Jo Gwan Woong says he will do as she wants and grabs his guard’s sword. He is about to cut her down when Kang Chi calls out for him to stop and appears on the roof.

He jumps down in front of Jo Gwan Woong and thanks Head Chun telling her he will take it from here. He complains about seeing Jo Gwan Woong again and tells him Cheung Jo doesn’t belong to him. Kang Chi is quickly surrounded by guards but Yeo Wool has also made a plan.

She told Kang Chi not to fight but to take off running to a restaurant in town. The guards chase after him and to Head Chun’s relief so does Jo Gwan Woong.

 Inside the gisaeng house Cheung Jo comes out of her room to see what all the noise is but Yeo Wool stops her and tells her she is a friend of Kang Chi who has come to help save her. Kang Chi reaches the restaurant and the guards chasing him face a losing battle as suddenly they notice many Kang Chi’s running in different directions. They split and chase each down.

At the gisaeng house Head Chun quickly prepares her servants to look up the buildings. She discovers Cheung Jo is gone and is upset that she ran. She tells her head servant to keep her disappearance a secret from the other girls.

Yeo Wool and Cheung Jo race through the woods with Cheung Jo slowing them down a bit by falling.

The guards finally catch each Kang Chi only to find none are the real one. The head deputy guard is not pleased that none found him. Tae Seo meets up with the guards.

At the academy Gon Yi paces as he waits for Yeo Wool and the rest to return. Gong Dol finds him and asks if he is worried about Yeo Woo and Kang Chi. He wonders why he doesn't pursue her actively.

Dam Pyung Joon left the school that night to meet up with So Jung.

Yeo Wool and Cheung Jo reach an abandoned building. Cheung Jo asks who she is and she introduces herself as someone she had met before as a child. Fake Kang Chi’s arrive next.

 Kang Chi arrives last and assures Yeo Wool he followed the plan then asks about Cheung Jo. He sees her and asks Cheung Jo who she is she hugs him and starts crying. The fake Kang Chi gang leaves to give them privacy but Yeo Wool stays and watches unable to keep her back turned.

It is dawn when Gon Yi finally sees Yeo Wool enter the building followed by the rest of the rescue team and Cheung Jo.

Tae Seo happily greets his sister and they tearfully hug. He promises to protect her from now on. Kang Chi listens to the exchange from outside. He turns to find Yeo Wool standing behind him. They stare at each other.

So Jung asks Dam Pyung Joon what he wanted to know. He wants to know what will happen between his daughter and Kang Chi. He doesn’t like hearing the fact that one of them may die.

Dam Pyung Joon returns to the school to see Tae Seo and Cheung Jo walking out of a building. He calls in Gon Yi, Yeo Wool and Tae Seo to ask why Cheung Jo is there and reprimand them. Yeo Wool takes the blame but he knows it was Kang Chi’s doing and her following along. Tae Seo speaks up and says he begged Kang Chi to save his sister.

Kang Chi appears and says he will leave with Cheung Jo. Yeo Wool protests. (Wow Kang Chi broke his promise to Yeo Wool in less than a day!!!) Kang Chi says it is best and says if he has Tae Seo’s permission he will leave. Tae Seo remembers his conversation with Jo Gwan Woong's guards the night before who told him they wanted Kang Chi. Tae Seo gives Kang Chi his approval. (Part of his betrayal.

Cheung Jo is standing in the courtyard of the school looking at a statue. She realizes it is the symbol on the medicine container she has and remembers seeing one like it before when Yeo Wool gave her a container to give to Kang Chi. She threw it in the lake rather than give it to Kang Chi.  She looks up when she hears Kang Chi’s voice calling “Dam Goon”. Cheung Jo sees him running after Yeo Wool who is ignoring him as she walks away.

Outside Yeo Wool’s room he asks Dam Goon to at least talk to him. She tells him to forget it as she doesn’t want to talk to him. He grabs her arm and she turns saying he said he promised to tell her he was leaving first. Kang Chi tries to explain his reasons for going. He can’t ask master to endanger himself more by hiding Cheung Jo too. So Yeo Wool angrily asks what his plans are. Yeo Wool gets more upset as she reminds him that he wanted to become human not live in hiding with Cheung Jo. Kang Chi tries to talk but she turns away and he finally says her real name. After a heartbreaking glance between them she breaks away from him and goes into her room.

Through the door Kang Chi says he is sorry for breaking his promise and for not being able to be human. He also thanks her for always being on his side.  He admits it was because of her he was able to cope with the death of Lord Park and what happened to him. Yeo Wool tries to cover her cries. Kang Chi says he will never be able to forget her and touches the door. He finally turns and leaves.

Kang Chi sits on the stairs outside the building. Cheung Jo watches him from nearby as he stares off into space. Yeo Wool continues to cry on the floor in her room.

Jo Gwan Woong is upset with his deputy and his guards for not being able to find Kang Chi. He hires Ma Bong Chool to catch him. His guard is not happy about this.

At the academy Kang Chi and Cheung Jo say their goodbyes. Kang Chi looks around as if for Yeo Wool and is told by Gon Yi that Yeo Wool will not be seeing them off as she is training and asked not to be disturbed. Cheung Jo notices the look on his face at hearing this.

Yeo Wool practices determinedly inside a building with her sword. Kang Chi stares at the building until he is told by Dam Pyung Joon that he should leave now if he wants to reach Neung Gok Hill by night fall. He agrees and the two bow in goodbye. Kang Chi tells Cheung Jo its time and with a nod of farewell to Tae Seo and Dam Pyung Joon they start to walk to the door. Kang Chi stops and turns to look back as he thinks about how he really wanted to say his last goodbye to Yeo Wool. He lingers a bit and after telling Yeo Wool to stay well with his thoughts he leaves.

Gong Dal states Kang Chi really left and turns to Dam Pyung Joon saying he hopes he knows what he is doing. Dam Pyung let him leave in hopes of stopping the fate that lays between his daughter and Kang Chi. The Admiral hears the news of Kang Chi leaving and calls for his horse.

As Kang Chi and Cheung Jo walk down the road Cheung Jo stumbles so he grabs her arm to lead her down the path. They walk unaware that they are being watched by Jo Gwan Woong's men, and Ma Bong Chool. Jo's deputy guard tells Bong Chool to do his job and capture Kang Chi.

Tae Seo also appears in the group. He was the one that told them where to go.  Tae Seo thinks back on his earlier conversation with the security guard telling him he must give them Kang Chi for his sister’s safety. Tae Seo begs once more for his sister and the guard tells him that if he wanted his sister free he must be the one to kill Kang Chi.  He hands Tae Seo a sword.

When Tae Seo leaves he tells his men to make sure that everyone is killed including those hired by them to find Kang Chi.

Yeo Wool is walking determinedly towards the academy exit when Gon Yi stops her and asks what she is doing. She asks if she can catch up to Kang Chi by that night and he wants to know why she wants to try when Kang Chi has gone with another woman. She says she just needs to say goodbye. Gon Yi ends up going with her to find Kang Chi.
Cheung Jo is resting on the hill while Kang Chi went to get her some water. When he returns she comments that he hasn't really been speaking since they had left. She asks him if she is a burden and he says he would die for her. He decides to tell her about his parents. He remembers Yeo Wool’s assurances that if some lives him they won't care. He is about to tell Cheung Jo about his father when they are interrupted by Ma Bong Chool and his posse of trackers chain Kang Chi while Cheung Jo watches helplessly.

Kang Chi is trying to get free when Tae Seo appears with a sword. Kang Chi is shocked.  He remembers telling Gong Dal his family would never betray him. He asks Tae Seo why and Tae Seo replies Cheung Jo is the only family he has left and he will do anything for her.

He heads to Kang Chi and reaches for his bracelet. Kang Chi begs him to stop but Tae Seo doesn't listen. Kang Chi can only watch as Tae Seo removes his bracelet.


The scene where Kang Chi stands outside Yeo Wool’s room telling her he was sorry he broke his promise broke my heart. Kang Chi has feelings for her but he is still leaving. This is my favorite scene in the whole drama so far. The flashback to Cheung Jo throwing away medicine given to her by Yeo Wool to give to Kang Chi also cemented my feeling Yeo Wool was the better girl for him. Yeo Wool is loyal, selfless, protective, and a little clueless when it comes to Gon Yi. All qualities usually seen in the girl that gets the guy. I like this episode. The show is just getting better and better. I wonder how conflicted Tae Seo will turn out to be in the future.

I’m getting a little tired of the hypnotized Tae Seo plot but overall it was an enjoyable episode. I really want Cheng Jo to accept Kang Chi for who he is but I have feeling that she won’t. I am slowly growing on the Kang Chi/ Yeo Wool ship with each episode but that is more so because of the writing and Kang Chi-Suzy continues to underwhelm me.

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