by Livvy, May 3, 2013

Anime That Should Be Made Into Dramas
Well most of us drama fans also watch anime/read manga or have done so in the past. So I was thinking about the animes I have watched that would make really great dramas. There are many animes/mangas that have been made into great dramas such as Hana Yori Dango/Boys Before Flowers, Zettai Kareshi/Absolute Boyfriend, Itazura na Kiss/Playful Kiss, etc.

Top of my list would have to be...
Kaichou wa Maid-Sama
I loved this drama, and I'm still holding on for a season 2 of the anime. I feel this would make a great rom-com drama, and personally I would like to see it made into a Jdrama as I think Kdrama would be too long. As to who would play the characters...
Takei Emi as Misaki. It would be interesting to see her playing a tough stubborn strong character who’s shy in love.
Miura Haruma as Usui. He’s such a great and diverse actor. I’d love to see him play a seemingly distant and cold guy who’s actually a sweetheart deep down.

Next on my List...

Fruits Basket
For me this was another great anime and manga. I loved the sweet romance and the theme of friendship throughout it. What I will say is if they made it into a drama DON'T USE CGI! I would rather, instead of having CGI animated animals when they transform, have actual animals; it would be interesting and different. For this, I wouldn't mind if it were made into a Jdrama, Kdrama or TWdrama.

Kimi ni Todoke
This was another great anime, and it was enjoyable to see how the friendships formed and developed. I am aware this was made into a Jmovie (Kimi ni Todoke) which was great, but I want to see it as a drama. I'm thinking a Jdrama like a mini series so the story isn't stretched out.

The Series of Saiunkoku
This anime has a bit of everything for me. It has the romance, the comedy, the mystery, the drama, and the action (it also has so many bishounen). Which is why I ask, "why is it not a drama yet?".  Personally, I'd love to see this made into a Kdrama as they seem to do pretty well on their historical dramas, but I feel it would be one of those dramas that is long as in 50 or more episodes. But really you would need that many to understand the plots in this anime. As for the dream cast... (And yes I know there’s a lot of eye candy but in the anime there are so many bishounen so why not have eye candy).
Jung Il Woo as Ryuuki the young emperor who’s struggling to find love and doesn’t want much to do with being an emperor. I feel he would suit this role as Ryuuki has a similar personality to that of Cha Chi Soo but not as arrogant and more innocent when it comes to love (he’s always asking those around him how to woo Shuurei.
Jang Geun Suk as Seiran, Ryuuki’s older brother who went missing and was taken in by Shuurei’s father. Seiran is a caring older character who can fight well and is always looking out for those around him. I would love to see Geun Suk play a different type of character as he usually plays a stubborn arrogant but warm hearted characters.
So Ji Sub as Rou Ensei Seiran’s companion and a funny but tough guy. I just feel So Ji Sub can pull off the beard ( with tongue out) but there’s always...
Yoo Ah In as Rou Ensei. I loved him in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, and if he played this role I have no doubt he could pull it off. The character is similar to what he played before as a mysterious man who can fight well but has a funny and warm side to him, plus he will suit the beard look.
Song Joong Ki as Ran Ryuuren. Ryuuren is a random character who appears at anytime wearing crazy hats that match his odd personality, and he is just an all around random guy. His character reminded me of Joong Ki in Sungkyunkwan. He has the similar personality and instead of always having a fan he always has his flute.
Kim Woo Bin as Ran Shuuei. This character is quite smart and is well informed of what's going on in the palace. He also is always picking on Ri Kouyu his subordinate who’s always getting lost. I chose Woo Bin because he’s my new fav actor and I’d like to see him playing this type of character.
Lee Jong Suk as Ri Kouyu. He's a short tempered but caring character who’s always getting lost in the palace and can never get to where he wants to be. He’s also always getting picked on by Ran Shuuei. I chose Jong Suk because I’d love to see him act out the angry fits this character has and also because of the bromance between him and Woo Bin in School 2013. I'd love to see more of it.
Jung In Ki as Kou Shouka, Shuurei’s father who is clumsy and very loving but lost his wife so dotes on his daughter. He also has a secret identity  (secret dark ninja assassin head of the clan). I chose In Ki because he plays the fatherly role so well in dramas and I’d love to see what he’s like playing a ninja XD
Jung So Min as Shuurei the main female in the anime a carefree daughter of a lord who spends her days helping out those less fortunate than herself, and who wants to change the world into a better place. I know some of you may be thinking "oh great that annoying girl from playful kiss". I agree in that drama, there were times she annoyed me, but it wasn’t her acting it was more the character she portrayed. I think she did great in acting out a crazy stalker girl with a crush, so I vote for her to play Shuurei. I’d also like to see how she portrays a more serious role.
Kim So Hyun as Kourin a maid/servant who, as a child, was taken in by one of the palace lords because she was almost dead at the gates. She originally plays a bad role but later on she changes and her character is that of a caring mature young girl who helps Shuurei in her dream of changing the world. I chose So Hyun because she’s such an amazing actress for her age. She's so skilled in all the dramas I’ve seen her in. She always plays the role of a character people grow to hate, which is why I think it's time for a change and have her play a nice character. ☺
Yeo Jin Goo as To Eigetsu a young boy who shares the dream of changing the world with Shuurei. He also has a secret in that when he drinks alcohol he becomes a completely different person who can kick butt, when not under the influence of alcohol he’s a sweet caring boy with a gentle nature. I chose In Goo because he appears to act a lot with So Hyun and the chemistry is great between them. I think they would play out well the sweet romance the characters have. He too is an amazing actor for his age and, like So Hyun, has a great future ahead of him.
Full Metal Alchemist
I had to ponder about this one a bit. I did wonder whether making it into a drama was possible, but then I thought with today's technology it was possible. Although if it was made into a drama, I'd prefer they didn't go crazy with the CGI and tried to make it as realistic as possible :P. As to what country makes it into a drama well I don't mind Kdrama, Jdrama or TWdrama, although maybe Jdrama might work better. It would be interesting to see if they did make it into a drama how they make Edward's arm.

Vampire Knight
Well who doesn't love this anime. I admit it's not usually what I look for in an anime, but after watching the first episode I was hooked. I'd love to see this made into a drama. I mean come on sexy dark vampires :P. I think this would make a better Kdrama than Jdrama -- that's going off watching already vampire dramas. Although maybe it's time for Taiwan to make a vampire drama. Dream cast... ( I know, SS501 fan here, but I'd love to see them all dressed up as vampires :P)
Kim Hyun Joong as Zero. Zero's character is quite distant and cold (like Ji Hoo in BOF), but he also cares for Yuki. They have a great friendship like that of brother and sister because they grew up together. I chose Hyun Joong because of how well he played Ji Hoo in BOF, so I know he can play a distant character. Also, his role as Baek Sung Jo in Playful Kiss when he acts cold matches Zero when he is cold to Yuki. Plus he’d make a great vampire.
Kim Hyung Jun as Kaname. Kaname’s character is a kind caring one towards Yuki, and he's also a very mysterious dark guy. I chose Hyung Jun because I’d love to see him play a vampire. Also, his recent acting in Glowing She impressed me, so I’d like to see him play the opposite of an arrogant celebrity like in Glowing She. Plus more eye candy!
Shin Min Ah as Yuki. Yuki’s character is an innocent young girl with a tough personality who is also quite fragile and scared deep down. I chose Min Ah because I feel she can pull off the role and it also reminded me of her character in MGIAG how her character is innocent and oblivious to the troubles in life.

This was another fun anime. I am aware this was already made into a Chinese drama (The Holy Pearl) which to be honest wasn't that bad, but it didn't stick to the same story line as Inuyasha. There were quite a few differences, and sometimes the costumes were laughable. But the fight scenes were pretty good quality and not too cheesy. I think maybe this would be better of getting a remake from China or Taiwan but perhaps as a film or mini series.
Special A
For me this anime kept making me think of Hana Yori Dango. It's similar in the sense that the top ranked students in school get special treatment and also they seem to come from rich families. The friendship between them too is like that of the F4 bromance. I think this would make a great Kdrama. I'm thinking one like Dream High (the first not 2nd) and having idols as the students (given they can act) if not a Jdrama.

Full Metal Panic
I loved this anime! It kept me laughing all the time. One of the best scenes would have to be the condom scene. Google it - I promise you will laugh. I did wonder how they would go about making this into a drama since it has a lot of tech guns robots etc. But Japan made Power Rangers so why not Full Metal Panic lol. For this one I'm gonna say Jdrama.

Wolf's Rain
This anime, once again, isn't usually my type, but it also had me hooked from the first episode. I love wolves as it is, but this anime made me love them even more and the ending made me cry. I wondered also how they would make this into a drama, and well I'm clueless. I mean its wolves. You can try to use CGI, but it won't work. I think so anyway. Nevertheless, I'd love to see this made into a drama. Doesn't matter whether it's  Jdrama, Kdrama or TWdrama.

La Corda D'Oro Primo Passo
This anime would make a great drama I think. It makes me think of Dream High because it's a school of music. An untalented girl gets a magical violin from a fairy and ta-da she can play. What I do wonder is if they made it into a drama how would they go about having pretty much all of the guys falling for the girl. I mean, in dramas you tend to get a love triangle, but in this anime it was a bit ridiculous how all the guys fell for her. But the element of friendship and how the main girl helped the guys through tough times in this anime did touch me. Which is why I think it should be made into a drama--or something similar to it should be made. I think it could be like the Japanese version of Dream High except instead of dancing and singing its classical instruments.

Anyway, that's all for now. Let me know what you guys think, and if you can think of any other anime that should be made into dramas who knows there might be a part 2.