by purplenette, April 14, 2013

I Summon You, Gold

Han Ji Hye (May Queen, East of Eden), Yun Jung Hoon (Vampire Prosecutor season 1 and 2), Lee Tae Sung (Rooftop Prince, Hooray for Love), and Lee Soo Kyung (Color of Woman, Dae Mul) star in I Summon You, Gold that started April 6 on MBC. The director is Lee Hyung Sun who also directed A Man Called God.  The writer is Ha Chung Ok who also wrote Pure Pumpkin Flower. Other cast includes Baek Jin Hee (Jeon Woo- Chi, Hair Show), Park Seo Joon(Shut Up Family, Dream High 2), and Kim Hyung Jun (Late Blossom, Glowing She). 

Jung Mong Hee (Han Ji Hye) runs an accessory stand in the street, but once dreamt of becoming a jewelry designer. She is a hardworking and optimistic woman that attracts the attention of Park Hyun Soo (Yun Jung Hoon). Hyun Soo is the president of a large jewelry company and the first son of the family business. He has gone through a painful divorce (apparently a woman that looks exactly like the main lead and played by Han Ji Hye), but finds love again with Mong Hee. Park Hyun Joon (Lee Tang Sung) is Hyun Soo’s brother and the second son of the family married to Sung Eun (Lee Soo Kyung). Sun Eun is Mong Hee’s rival as a successful designer married into a successful family. Jung Mong Hyun (Baek Jin Hee) is Mong Hee’s younger sister.  

*I’m not sure, but I believe Jung Mong Kyu (Kim Hung Joon) is Mong Hee’s brother and Park Hyun Tae (Park Seo Joon) is another brother of Hyun Soo. There wasn’t a lot of information on the characters. 

I haven’t started watching this yet, but I think I’m going to.  I love the actors in this. I’m not much on long family dramas. I’m watching A Hundred Year’s Inheritance right now. I want to watch The Best Lee Soon Shin and Wonderful Mama also. It all just seems like too much Nauh-dduk-hae???
Wonderful Mama

Weekend family drama, Wonderful Mama started on SBS April 13 after My Love Madame Butterfly ended. It has a star-studded cast including Bae Jong Ok (The Winter, The Wind Blows, Hooray For Love), Jung Yoo Mi (Rooftop Prince, A Thousand Days’ Promise), Jung Gyu Woon (Love in Memory, Salaryman), Kim Ji Suk (Cheongdamdong Alice, I Need Romance 2012) and Park Bo Gum. This show is directed by Yoon Ryu Hae that also directed I Love You. It is written by Park Hyun Joo who also wrote Hooray for Love.

Yoon Bok Hee (Bae Jong Ok) is a loan shark and a self-made woman.  She gets diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. She is determined to make her children grow up before she forgets. Ko Young Chae (Jung Yoo Mi) is Bok Hee’s eldest daughter who is a designer with an attitude.  At first she has a short temper with a princess complex but gradually she changes to a warm, affectionate woman. She meets Jang Hoon Nam (Jung Gyu Woon)  when she starts a new job and romance kindles. Jang Hoon Nam is the second son of a family that owned a clothing material factory for three generations. He loses his parents at a young age and takes care of his older brother who is hearing-impaired. He is nice and has a profound sense of responsibility. Ko Young Soo (Kim Ji Suk) and Ko Young Joon (Park Bo Gum) are Young Chae’s brothers.

I absolutely adore Kim Ji Suk. I always root for him in dramas to get the girl, but he never does. Alas, the trials and tribulations of loving the second male lead. I don’t usually watch family dramas because they are so long. I want to make an exception this time for Kim Ji Suk. Plus, this story sounds interesting.

Princess Aurora (Oh Ro Ra)
Oh Chang Suk (Athena: Goddess of War, The World That They Live In) and Jun So Min (East of Eden, I’m Glad I Loved You) are cast in Princess Aurora which will air on MBC starting May 20 following Oh Ja-Ryong is Coming. It is directed by Kim Jung Ho III. It is written by Im Sung Han who also wrote New Tales of Gisaeng and Miss MermaidJung Joo Yeon (China Blue) and Kim Hye Eun (Haeundae LoversI Do, I Do) will also be making an appearance. 

Hwang Ma Ma (Oh Chang Seok) is a veteran detective that investigates a case of serial murders where the only evidence left at the crime scene is a sticker of the cartoon character “Princess Aurora”. He suspects Jung Sun Jung who happens to also be his ex-wife. Oh Ro Ra (Jun So Min) is a news reporter and the love interest. There really wasn’t that much information about her character that I could find. Park Ji Yeong (Jung Joo Yeon) is also a newspaper reporter who is bold and goes after exclusives. She is also Ro Ra’s rival in love.

I like crime solving type dramas. There wasn’t a lot of information on it that I could find, but a detective chasing down a serial killer that could be his ex-wife sounds like something for which I would be interested.

Flower Boy Dating Agency

Lee Jong Hyuk (A Gentleman’s Dignity, Chuno), Choi Soo Young (The 3rd Ward), Lee Chun Hee (The Thousandth Man, Take Care of Us, Captain), Hong Jong Hyun (Beloved, Jeon Woo-Chi), and Jo Yoon Woo (Flower Boy Ramyun Shop) will star in the upcoming drama Flower Boy Dating Agency. The director is Kang Kyung Hoon who also directed Happy Ending or Die which is also a romantic comedy. The writer is Shin Jae Won who is one of the writers for Tamra, The Island. This is a fourth drama for tvN’s Flower Boy series. It is based on a webtoon that is the prequel to the movie (Dating Agency: Cryno). It will start airing on May 21 after Nine: Nine Times Time Travel.

Seo Byung Hoon (Lee Jong Hyuk) is regarded as a genius theatrical director. He loses his best friend in an accident and suffers from guilt. He decides to save his late friend’s theatre troupe by opening a dating agency. The agency is a team that utilizes intricate staging for those who are having trouble in their love lives. Gong Min Young (Choi Soo Young) is an employee of the dating agency and also Byung Hoon’s love interest. Cha Sung Pyo (Lee Chun Hee) is a mysterious man and the chef of his own restaurant which is next to the dating agency. I don’t know the name of Hong Jong Hyun’s character, but he will play the part of a genius engineer who is in charge of the hi-tech gadgets that the agency uses. I also don’t know the name of Joo Yoon Woo’s character. He will play a high schooler who dreams of becoming a theater actor and is employed by the agency.

I have watched all of the flower boy series up to now and I won’t be missing this one. Especially since Lee Jong Hyuk is in it. BTW… he is in the variety show Dad, Where are We Going with his son. That variety show is too cute. You really should check it out.


Jung Kyung Ho (Smile, You, Sorry I Love You) and Nam Gyu Ri (49 Days, Haeundae Lovers) will play the leading roles in Jtbc’s weekend drama, Undercover. It will begin airing on May 25 after The End of the World. This will be the first drama for Jung Kyung Ho since release from military duty. The director is Lee Jung Hyo who also directed I Need Romance and I Need Romance 2012. The writer of this drama is Yoo Seong Yeol. Jo Han Sun (April Kiss) is also cast and it will be his first drama in 9 years and also his first since his release from military duty.

Shi Hoo (Jung Kyung Ho) is a police officer who goes undercover to infiltrate a gang for drug investigation.

Without having much information to go on, I would say that I have to wait to decide if I’m going to watch this or not.


Kim Nam Gil (Bad Guy, Queen Seon Duk) and Son Ye Jin (Personal Taste, Summer Scent) are cast in KBS2’s revenge drama, Shark which will air on May 27 after The Queen of Office. This will be Kim Nam Gil’s first drama since his release from military duty. It is directed by Park Chan Hong and written by Kim Ji Woo. They are the team behind Mawang and ResurrectionShark will be their final installment of the Resurrection/Devil trilogy. Ha Suk Jin (If Tomorrow Comes, Childless Comfort), Lee Shi Un (Reply 1997, King2Hearts) and Lee Honey (Pasta) have also been cast.

Han Yi Soo (Kim Nam Gil) loses his father due to the woman he loves family. After he is also targeted by the family, he changes his face and hides his identity. He begins to take revenge on her family, but is conflicted by love. Jo Hae Woo (Son Ye Jin) is the only daughter to a hotel chairman. She is strong willed and becomes a prosecutor rather than follow the path of inheriting her family business. Yi Soo approaches her as a pawn to get his revenge, but he falls in love with her. Oh Joon Young (Ha Suk Jin) is Haw Woo’s fiancé which makes him Yi Soo’s rival. I’m not sure of Honey Lee’s character name, but she plays Joon Young’s secretary. I’m also not sure of Lee Shi Un’s character name, but he plays Yi Soo’s sidekick. At first he tries to “pick fights” with Yi Soo, but as he gets to know him he eventually becomes like a brother.

I cannot even begin to express my excitement for this drama.  I LOVED Mawang and I’m sure this drama is going to be just as good. Plus, Kim Nam Gil!!!  Can life get much better???  Whoop Whoop

The Huntresses

Ha Ji Won (King2HeartsSecret Garden), Son Ga In (All My Love), and Kang Ye Won (The Thousandth Man) are staring in The Huntresses which will be released in May of this year.  This movie has had a lot of titles so you may find it under The Joseon Beautiful Three Musketeers, Joseon Charlie’s Angels, or Joseon Trio of Beauties.  It is directed by Park Je Hyun who also directed How to Keep My Love and Oohlala Sisters

Jin Ok (Ha Ji Won) is the leader of the group and an inventor of unique weapons and disguises. Hong Dan (Kang Ye Won) is the only married member. She is swift with a sword and loves money. Ga Bi (Son Ga In) is the third member and she is a fast fighter and a quick thinker. Unfortunately for her enemies, she usually hits first and asks questions later. They are renowned bounty hunters of Joseon who never fail to seize their marks.

This movie looks like a ton of fun!!!  I will watch anything with Ha Ji Won in it. Who knows how long it will take to find it with English subs after its release. I really need to get more serious about learning Korean. When I watch without subs, I can only understand about half of what people are saying. 
High Heels 

Cha Seung Won (The Greatest Love, Athena: Goddess of War) and Esom (White Christmas) star in High Heels that will be released later this year. The director is Jang Jin and it is his third collaboration with Cha Seung Won. The first was a comedy/mystery called The Big Scene in 2005. The other was Son filmed in 2007. This director is known for his defiant wit as he directed the first three seasons of Saturday Night Live Korea.

Detective Ji Wook is a cop in the violent crimes division who wants to become a woman and undergoes a transgender change. Jang Mi (Esom) is a mysterious woman that helps him.

So, I guess this is going to be an action-comedy considering the director. I know I would find it amusing to see Cha Seung Won in high heels. I like To Wong Foo with the late, great Patrick Swayze and Wesley Snipes. You can’t get more manly than them and they were great in drag. I think this would be an interesting movie.

OK… now here is some information that I just couldn’t keep to myself. Mind you nothing is finalized. So Ji Sub is considering a Hong Sisters drama. The drama is called Master’s Sun and is about a woman who sees ghosts and the man that protects her. Gong Hyo Jin is considering the female lead role. She was in another Hong Sisters drama, The Greatest Love. Directing it is Jin Hyuk who also directed City Hunter and Shining Inheritance. I gave both of those dramas a perfect 10 in ratings. Now, I don’t like Big or My Girl, but I like most of their other dramas like You’re Beautiful, Hong Gil Dong, and My Girlfriend is a Guminho.  It is planned to come out in July. I will definitely update on this in the future. OMG… I’m too excited. If this really happens, then I would be so happy. Oh, and I know a lot of people aren't sure about So Ji Sub acting in a comedy, but I have total faith in him. Plus, he has a great smile. It would be nice to see it in a drama. 

Those are the dramas and movies coming up.  Do any of them interest you?