by Skye-N-Rain, April 9, 2013
I have just heard some awesome, awesome news! In March of this year, the people over at TvN decided on creating a second season for the breakaway hit Reply 1997 (also known as Answer Me 1997).

Unfortunately, currently the only things known about the plot are that it will NOT be based on the year 1997, and instead will focus on an earlier year.

Knowing how season 1 was such a huge hit, the people at TvN are working hard to try to make the second season just as good, if not better. A staff member over at TvN said , "The second season of ‘Reply’ is in its planning stages as of now and we’re holding various meetings to hammer out the details.  But no matter how fast we put things together, we do not think it will air before August of this year. Most likely it will begin airing towards the end of the year"

So is Reply 1997 Season 2 on your list? Do you think it will be any good, or just a disappointment?