by awkward-duck, April 19, 2013

Awkward-duck's Weekend Movie Picks

It’s finally the weekend, which means another movie review! If you’re planning on spending your weekend resting at home, these are some movies that you might want to check out.

Country: South Korea                           Year: 2012                                Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama

I actually came across this movie while I was on the airplane. I really didn't feel like watching The Avengers for the umpteenth time, so I took a look at the Asian movies available. I can honestly tell you that watching Dancing Queen was the most fun I had on a plane flight.
Synopsis: The film is about a married couple, Jung Hwa (Uhm Jung Hwa) and Jung Min (Hwang Jeong Min), whose lives started to become dull after tying the knot and having a child. Jung Min studied for the bar exam while being supported by his wife, until finally passing at the age of 35. He’s able to open his own office but they’re still having trouble trying to make ends meet. That is, until Jung Min saves a drunk man from getting hit by a subway train and becomes a hero overnight. His popularity skyrockets to the point of being chosen as a candidate for the mayoral election. 

In the meantime, wife Jung Hwa, has been dreaming of becoming a singer since she was a teenager and earned the nickname ‘Shinchon Madonna’. However, she hasn't been able to pursue her dreams because of her husband. Jung Hwa thinks she has given up on that dream until she receives an offer from an entertainment agency to debut as a singer. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity but with her husband running for mayor, she must choose between Jung-min’s dream or hers.
I wouldn't call this an exceptional movie but it’s a fun watch. The chemistry of the leads is great and I found myself laughing out loud at many of the scenes. The film has a great message as well and encourages people to never give up on their dreams, no matter what age they are.

Country: South Korea                              Year: 2009                             Genre: Comedy, Action, Romance

Why should you watch this, you ask? Three words: Kang. Ji. Hwan. I love him so much. He’s a pretty good actor and is awesome at comedy. Kim Ha Neul is also a great actress, which makes this movie even better.

Synopsis: Ahn Soo Ji (Kim Ha Neul) is a secret agent working undercover as real estate agent. She has a boyfriend, Lee Jae Joon (Kang Ji Hwan), who soon becomes an ex after he becomes fed up with her suspicious absences and unbelievable excuses. She’s even unable to talk to him on the phone properly because she is constantly on the job. So, Jae Joon decides to leave Soo Ji and Korea as well.

A few years later, Jae Joon is back in Korea and is a rookie agent. He runs into his past lover while she is doing undercover work, and the two decide to get back together, hiding their true identities from each other. Little do they know, both are assigned to the same case in which they have to bust a Russian mafia. 3/MyGirlfriendisanAgent2.jpg
The movie is hilarious; I laughed so much I almost cried. Also, I love Soo Ji’s and Jae Joon’s relationship. I have to admit, I didn't really like some of the parts with the Russian mafia but it’s still enjoyable and perfect to watch with a couple of friends.

Country: Japan                                              Year: 2011                                    Genre: Drama

First things first, I have a girl crush on Inoue Mao. She’s such a talented actress and a wonderful person. I just adore her. I (obviously) watched this film because of her but I was also intrigued by the plot.
Synopsis: Youkame no Semi, a film based on Kakuta Mitsuyo’s novel, tells the story of a woman named Nonomiya Kiwako who has an affair with a married man. Kiwako even gets pregnant with his child; however, he ends their relationship and abandons her. She seeks revenge by abducting her lover’s and his wife’s newborn baby. Erina, the abducted child, has been raised by Kiwako for four years until the police discover their whereabouts and arrest her.
The movie mostly focuses on Erina’s childhood and the time she spent with Kiwako. Erina has had a difficult time accepting her mother because she sees her abductor as her real mother. Even as an adult, she has trouble connecting with her parents. 

I’ve read a lot of reviews and comments about this movie that said it was boring, which is why I stayed away at first. My love for Inoue Mao was too strong though and I finally sat down and watched it about a month ago. I understand why some might think the film is boring because some parts a bit slow. Personally, I really liked it and my eyes were glued to the computer screen the whole. It’s interesting that it was in the abductor’s point of view instead of the parents’. Youkame no Semi makes you sympathize with Kiwako and even makes you think about whether the abduction of Erina was justified or not. 

I highly recommend this movie because the story is great and the actors did a fantastic job. It’s not too suspenseful but has more of a mellow feel to it; perfect for a quiet Sunday evening. 

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