by HeyitsEst, February 28, 2013
Hello everyone!
If you are reading this, then hopefully that means you want to help MDL by becoming a writer.We are currently looking for committed writers to fill the positions listed below.

ALSO, please note that MDL is always looking for general writers to write articles such as Top 10s, Manga vs. Dramas, "What dramas have taught me," etc. If you are interested in being a writer, but do not  have the time to contribute as often, then this is for you. Please contact SeRose to become a general writer.

For more info or to apply for the positions below, please contact Skye-N-Rain

Writers For News
Writers, depending on preference, will be divided into three teams: Korean news, Japanese news, and Taiwanese/Chinese News.
General expectations:
     ◘ News articles will pertain to actors/dramas/movies ONLY
     ◘ Cite all sources
     ◘ Brief stories are combined in a single article, unless a single story is long enough to make its own article
     ◘ Access to trusted news sites (topics are typically found by the writer; however, if need be, they can be
     ◘ English ability

Previously published news articles: In the Know With Purplenette, Casting Updates for Upcoming Dramas, My Sassy Girl

For more info or to apply for the positions below, please contact SeRose.

CW Writers
These are writers who are interested in writing Currently Watching articles, in which he/she discusses what the currently airing drama is about, what he/she thinks of it, and why others should give it a try.
General expectations:
     ◘ Only for dramas that are currently airing
     ◘ Articles do NOT include spoilers
     ◘ English ability

Previously published CWs: 7th Grade Civil Servant, Queen of Ambition, Flower Boy Next Door

For more info or to apply for the positions below, please contact rosefae72.

Weekend Movie Reviewers
Everyone likes watching movies, especially on the weekend. Writers in this category provide readers an interesting list of movies worth their time during the weekend.
General expectations:
     ◘ Provide basic synopsis of movies without spoilers
     ◘ Appropriate content--nothing too lusty or violent
     ◘ Minimum of 3 movies
     ◘ English ability

Previously published reviews: Catnip's, Gooheajung's, Akai's

For more info or to apply for the position below, please contact Elisabetta.

Stalker's Guide Writers
Writers discuss the overall career and life of an actor/actress. In a way, SG articles express one's obsessiveness and stalker-ish love for an actor/actress. ;)
General expectations:
     ◘ Has seen enough of actor/actress' dramas
     ◘ Discuss actor's/actress' roles in dramas/movies
     ◘ English ability

Previously published Stalker's Guides: Matsuda Shota, Hyun Bin, Kimura Takuya

Need a little persuasion?...
Queue Jung Il Woo ;P muwahahaha!