by Aya97, March 12, 2013

Neverending Stories

  • As we all know, Asia has some of the most magical love stories in the entire world. There is no woman who won't dream of her "prince charming" coming and saving her from "evil."  
  • There is no man that wouldn't love a beautiful woman having only eyes for him.

I think that every one of you has their favorite couple, but this article is about those couples that remained in your head clearly even after watching more than a hundred dramas. Their stories, either funny and witty or sad and dramatic, are clear in your mind and you just can't help comparing them with other dramas. These are the never-ending stories that stay in your head and make your heart ache!

At first I wanted to do this all on my own, but after that I thought that I really couldn't speak for all of you. I requested the help from my 170 friends. I asked them to tell me the first 3 couples that pop in their minds from Japan, Korea and Taiwan. The results were really amazing. Everyone had their own opinion, but there were some names that appeared almost everywhere. Before I start I really want to thank EVERYONE for their contribution, because without them this wouldn't have been possible.


Hana Yori Dango. I think that this name says many in most of your heads guys. I mean this couple is considered a classic one in the drama world. Jun and Inoe's chemistry was really magnetic, making me enjoy and savor their interaction for the entire drama. The story isn't something unique. The rich and arrogant guy falls for the poor and strong-willed girl. I think you've heard of it before, right? Well what makes this drama different is the bond that developed between the characters. That moment when you realize that they are able to understand each other only using their eyes and nothing more.
For me this couple would stand in the top 3 among all Asia not only Japan. They succeeded in becoming the "supporting rock" for all the other couples out there.

QUOTE: "Have you ever eaten figs? When you cut a fig in half it looks like a heart, so some people say that it bitter-sweetness is like love. But for me, the flavour of love tastes like the lousy cookie you made..." - Domyouji

I have to confess that I haven't watched this drama yet. Heard about it, sure, but I was really afraid of the sad love story. Because of this, I've asked a friend of mine, Mirichan, for help.
"Actually it was my first J-Drama so it has been a long time but I still can recall many things.
Actually in the beginning it felt to me like they were more like really good friends. But after the rain scene I found it adorable. The feelings he expressed to her were awesome. I must say it was the first time like it felt to me that he had more feelings than compassion or friendship. It´s like my own special turning point in their "relationship" - Mirichan
Like I said, I didn't watch this drama yet, but I know that it is considered a classic in its genre. To be more exact, one of the most touching love stories out there.

QUOTE: "Live on. Live on forever.” – Aya

I already tried watching this once but wasn't able to. I think it was too much comedy at that moment. That doesn't mean that I don't appreciate Juri and Hiroshi. They are great actors that Japan should be proud
of, but because of this tricia2208 helped me with it.
"I actually really liked their relationship! I liked the fact that they were both so different from each other. They were both very talented musicians, but Chiaki was very serious and Nodame was very free flowing. Her dream was to be a kindergarten teacher, but when she fell in love with Chiaki all she wanted to do was be on stage with him. She drove him absolutely insane! But he actually liked it. He said she was annoying, but whenever she wasn't around bothering him he missed her. That's what I really loved. He realized that he could handle her craziness, but he couldn't handle being without her" - tricia2208

QUOTE: "You can't sit around envying other peoples worlds. You have to go out and change your own." - Chiaki


1. Yoo In Na & Ji Hyun Woo (Queen In Hyun's Man)

This 2012 couple succeeded in topping everything on the internet: chemistry, the steamiest kisses, and forgetting that, they realized the dream of every drama addict, they became a real couple!!
GirlOfTheEast helped me with this one as I didn't watch the drama myself.

"They were one of my favourite couples ever. Their romance just felt so real. Probably because it was real (as you know they dated). Also it was very cute, soft, and sweet. It was like it was their fist love for both of them. They really gave me this warm, moving feeling. I think that I also found their love great because they had to fight hard for it.
Not to forget, I love the kisses." - GirlOfTheEast

Well, I really want to watch this drama myself. I admit that it's a little bit embarrassing not having watched it when almost everyone has already done it.

QUOTE: "It’s been unfair for me to suffer, so I was going to slap you when we met again, but now that you’re crying, I can’t even scold you. You’re such a player. A natural born player.” – Hee Jin

In my case I really loved this couple. I think it was really amazing how I really didn't realize that Ji won was in fact older than Hyun Bin. She was so beautiful and mesmerizing in here. Their chemistry was great and believable. I simply loved Joo Won and how sincere he was with his own feelings. There wasn't all that "push and pull" game that annoys me in other dramas. They were also very fun to watch and, let's not forget, the kisses were great too. Let's face it, just be honest, who hasn't heard of this drama 'til now?

QUOTE: "It's not because I love you. It's because I only love you! If I don't have you, then I won't have any other choices." - Joo Won

3. Park Shin Hye & Jang Geun Suk (You're Beautiful)

I clearly remember this drama, and it seems that other people think the same. The two of them were really cute together and had chemistry. They were just so "bubbly-bubbly" and again Park Shin Hye seemed like a cute boy. I remember reading an article where Jang Geun Suk said that Park Shin Hye is really loved by his mother. He also said that his mother wanted her as her daughter-in-law.
They are all teenagers would dream of: "handsome face" and "super cute girl" united together. Well I really expected for them to be here. This drama is something done by the Hong Sisters by the way. The story was really funny and kind of original at that time (for me at least. I've watched only Hana Kimi besides this at that time). Nevertheless it seems that many of you really think the same way.

QUOTE: " Don't be anywhere where I can't see you!" - Tae Kyung


1. Yang Rainie & He Mike (Devil Beside You)

I think this is the number 1 couple that fans wanted to be real in all Asia. Not to mention that Taiwan teased us with Why Why Love as well!
I love DBY so much! They had great chemistry together and were very cute. Not to mention the trio: Mike He-the one that always gets the girl, Rainie Yang-the damsel in distress and Kingone Wang-the good guy that the girl leaves for the bad one. They made history people!!!
Say no more, they succeeded in making me forget about the "brother-sister" relationship. For me they are the couple that I really wanted to find out being in a scandal or something, but that didn't happen.
I think that among Taiwanese dramas this one is the most popular of all.

QUOTE: " I'll let you be the angel who makes the devil repent." - Ah Meng

2. An Ady & Wu Vanness (Autumn's Concerto)

We are talking about real kisses here people...steamy and no "girl struck by lighting"!
This is a really bittersweet story which I adored to its entire potential. This drama made me crazy about Wu Vanness! The story was so beautiful and well acted that I found myself crying many times. There were so many good things about it, and these two people have succeeded in staying in our minds from 2009 'til today.
The story itself is really well written but for me those two actors succeeded in portraying their characters amazingly.

Did you know that in the skating rink, if you give your hands to the other person it means that your life is in his hands? I said that I will hold on to you so that means I promise to protect you, no matter what…” – Guang Xi 

3. Ariel Lin & Cheng Joe (It Started with a Kiss & They Kiss Again)

One of my favorite dramas! I loved them together, and watching TKA made me love them even more. After watching the Korean version, where Kim Hyun Joong was like a statue, I didn't expect much from this, being an older version as well, but after giving it a try I remained mesmerized. Joe had the right amount of coldness but could be so sweet when needed. Talk about being a tease! Taiwan did it again with this couple; putting them together in Love or Bread (not so good, but seeing them together made it for me).

Did I mention the love scenes?! They seemed so real that I thought they were really dating in real life. Added to this, I think this is the drama where the couple was kissing the most.

QUOTE: " The one that you love is me.You're not allowed to love anybody else." - Zhi Shu

Hope you've enjoyed it and I know that almost everyone will have a different opinion because I saw it in my list. I've got more that 90 dramas from my friends:D

Feel free to name yours!!!!

Thank you again guys for telling me your favorites. You're the BEST guys!!!!!!