by HeyitsEst, January 8, 2013

Korean News:

Nine: Nine Times Time Travel
The masterminds behind the hit drama, Queen In Hyun's Man, are at it again, adding yet another drama to the time travel genre. The time travel experts, producer Kim Byung Soo and screenwriter Song Jae Joong, have reunited to bring viewers a 20-episode fantasy melodrama about a man who lost his brother and is given the opportunity to travel back in time to change the present, but of course, there is a catch. This man is limited to time traveling to and from the past--you guessed it--nine times.

Filming begins Jan. 9th and is scheduled to air sometime in March or April in the Monday/Tuesday slot after Flower Boy Next Door. However, tvN has recently stated that the premier date of Nine is NOT certain. The date may change now that the cast has been confirmed.
In fact, leading us through time and space this spring will be screen stealer, Lee Jin Wook (I Need Romance) and the adorable Jo Yoon Hee (Unexpected You, Hot Blood). The two stars are currently scripted to be love interests in which Jin Wook will play time traveler, Park Sun Woo, an anchorman for a TV broadcasting station, as Yoon Hee will play rookie journalist, Joo Min Young.

We can expect to see great chemistry between the two, since the producer has gone on to say, "Lee JIn Wook and Jo Yoon Hee have already shown their passion for the piece and their character. Their acting and teamwork will add energy to the drama." The producer then admitted, "We believe a new drama that will outdo Queen In Hyun's Man will be born."

Way to set the bar high--"outdo Queen In Hyun's Man"? I'm feeling a bit skeptical since QIHM ranks as one of my top five dramas, but if the producer believes so, then I guess I will give Nine the benefit of the doubt. It certainly sounds interesting, and one thing that previous time travel dramas have not done, is specifically limit the number of opportunities a character can travel through time. Now that I think of it, I'm pretty sure the limit is 'nine' in order to emphasize the importance of each opportunity to time travel just as a "cat with nine lives" should cherish each of its lives as if it were its last..hehe just a thought :P My projection: the theme of this drama will be that people should not take things--life--for granted. I also feel that this is the production team's second chance to properly tie up a time travel drama--I mean, the end of Queen In Hyun's Man left us with a time travelling cellphone. o_O The scenario pretty much came out of nowhere, but I must admit, it didn't change the fact that I loved the drama as a whole.


Episode Extension!!
On January 8th, MBC officially announced that it will be extending the popular drama, I MIss You, by one episode. Yayy! xD I personally think that to be good news, you?
Originally slated for 20 episodes, I Miss You will now conclude on January 17th, because the drama's production  wants to "create a complete drama for viewers until the very end." Indeed, this is good news for I Miss You fans; however, this episode extension prolongs the premiere of 7th Grade Civil Servant to January 23rd. Nevertheless, let's enjoy I Miss You as much as we can before it ends..and well..we start to miss it :'(

Any projections on how it might end? Do you think we will actually get a 'complete' drama will all loose ends tied up?


Kang Ji Young Drops Out of Iris 2
According to DSP Media, as of January 8th, it has been confirmed that Kara's Kang Ji Young will no longer participate in the upcoming sequel, Iris 2. DSP Media has released an official statement saying, "We contemplated appearing in Iris 2, but we came to hold differing opinions on a condition, and we have decided to ultimately not appear in the production. As it is, [Kang Ji Young's] first acting attempt in Korea, this decision was made after considering what was best for both the production and [Kang Ji Young]."
Kang Ji Young's minor role, which was as an NSS agent, is still vacant, and it is rumored that the production is after a member of T-Ara for the part. Which member?? That has yet to be revealed. Any guesses?


Japanese News: I saved the best for last..

Mizushima Hiro Comes Out of Retirement!!!!!!
AAAAAHHHHHHH!!! *SPAZZING* xD Finally, he has returned! This is the best day ever--I literally just came across this story, and absolutely had to include it.
This is not a hoax people! This is the real deal and we have patiently(ish) waited long enough for our lovely Hiro to return, and he could not have done it in a better way! xD
On January 9th--Japan time--the production behind the live action film adaptation of the popular manga, Black Butler, announced that Sebastian Michaelis will be played by--OH YESSSS!!--Mizushima Hiro! Black Butler will be Hiro's first starring role in three years.

I know there are definitely Mizushima Hiro fans out there, but are there any Black Butler fans? What do you think? Is Hiro the perfect man to play Sebastian Michaelis? I am a bit biased, so I am going to say yes, because I absolutely love Mizushima Hiro! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

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