by Cho Na, December 13, 2020

WARNING: MILD SPOILERS for the couple's identification and brief explanations of the clips, 
but not the main plot and the significant events of the drama.
DISCLAIMER: Since this is single-friendly, none of the clips contains steamy scenes. 
If you want to see any, just watch the drama! ;D
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Yuan Shuai (Leo Luo)
Jiang Jun (Bai Lu)
First of all, this article is not a review on Love Is Sweet. If you haven't watched the drama and are interested to find out about it, please read the 100+ reviews. The clips and scene explanations below do not necessarily reveal what actually happened in the drama. 
The writing idea came when I was watching the scene as shown on the cover image, and wondered how could a simple moment with a Rubik's Cube be so romantic?
Li Xiao Chuan (Riley Wang)
Xu Li (Shane Xiao)
Then, throughout the entire drama I found more romantic ideas to share with you. All ideas are so simple that they can be implemented either on typical days or special occasions. There are always chances to spend some memorable moments with your loved one! These ideas are also affordable. Maybe you are on financial hardship due to the pandemic crisis, but you can still create sweet moments with that special person. Lastly, they are single-friendly. It means that even if you are not in any romantic relationship with anyone at the moment, but think of having one or are in the process of pursuing someone, these ideas are for you, too!

For anyone who haven't watched the drama, I'll introduce the couples: The main couple is Yuan Shuai (27) and Jiang Jun (25) who have known each other since childhood, but went their separate ways in bad term during high school. Ten years later they reunited when Jiang Jun entered the top investment company MH as a Security Analyst, and faces Yuan Shai again who is now the Executive Director. The second couple is Xiao Chuan (25), Yuan Shuai's cousin, and Xu Li (25), Jiang Jun's best friend. They met at the convenience store where Xu Li works, as Xiao Chuan uses the internet at the store to develop a dating app. (Source: Wikipedia)


Scenario: After seeing a photo studio promotion, Yuan Shuai and Jiang Jun took some couple pictures to get a free cooker.

Simple and affordable: Well, it's a promo. You'll always save some money somewhere.

Romantic: The promo occasion offered by the photo studio was only for couples. The studio clerk emphasized that they have to pose romantically and showed some photo examples.

Single-friendly: Although you and the person you like are not an item yet, but you can still take advantage of promos intended for real couples. I have watched several dramas in which two people who are not a couple were involved in free or promo/sale events.

Side note: Things happened in the drama during and after they took the couple pictures are very funny!


Scenario: Yuan Shuai was 'sick' with 39C (≈102F) temperature. Jiang Jun gave him water, cooked meal, fed him, and read him a romantic novel. 

Simple and affordable: Unless you have to pay for the medical bills, you can take care of a sick person as simple as possible with available resources.

Romantic: Caring of the sick becomes a romantic event when there is an attempt to make it so. In this scenario, Yuan Shuai asked Jiang Jun to read him suggestive pages of a romantic novel. He already knows which pages and what the story is about.

Single-friendly: You can always offer you care to the person you like, although he/she is not your partner. Make sure the care is something a layperson can do though, or just send him/her to the hospital. There are also other scenes in the drama where either Yuan Shuai or Jiang Jun was sick, to the point of being hospitalized.

Side note: If you're curious of what novel Jiang Jun read for Yuan Shuai, it is called Norwegian Wood, a Japanese best-seller written by the popular author Haruki Murakami. The novel was adapted to a movie under the same name Norwegian Wood


Scenario: On the Chinese New Year's Day, Xiao Chuan stayed at his company working on his app, while Xu Li went home to see her family. Xiao Chuan ordered takeouts for himself that reminisce him on the first time they shared a meal together. On that occasion, Xu Li made the simple meal time fun by redecorating the plates as seen in the clip. Without Xiao Chuan's knowledge, Xu Li couldn't make it home so she went back to his company to surprise him. But the surprise was on her, as he ordered all her favorite food. When asked why, his answer was rather cute (not shown in the clip, it's a teaser ;D)

Simple and affordable: Ordering a lot of food as seen here may not be cheap. However, the first time Xiao Chuan treated Xu Li for a meal, it was very simple since he was penniless. This couple did a lot of ordering food or dining out in affordable eateries, while the main couple did a lot of home cooking. Either home cooked meals or meals from eateries, but the thought of sharing meals that counts.

Romantic: Among all the sharing meal scenes of the couples, this one is the most romantic I think. Keeping the memory of their first meal together in Xiao Chuan's subliminal mind is romantic, considering that his character is serious and unromantic. When you share even a simple meal with your special person, make it as memorable as possible.

Single-friendly: It's always fun to have group meals, where the person you like is in the group. However, if the mission is getting together with him/her, eating with just the two of you is more advisable to get to know of each other.


Scenario: After work, Yuan Shuai invited Jiang Jun to draw wolf and sheep together. When they finished, Yuan Shuai wanted to do a high-five with Jiang Jun, but she dabbed paint on his palm instead. There is a significant meaning behind the wolf and sheep drawing, you just have to find it out yourself by watching the drama if you haven't.

Simple and affordable: Although you saw quite a collection of arts supplies in this clip, it doesn't have to be that pricey. I have seen dramas where the couple wash a car or a pet together, and the situation becomes playful when someone sprays water to the other party instead of the intended object.

Romantic: The key here is having fun. If the activity you pick is something serious like studying together, for example, I doubt -and it's not advisable-  that it may become romantic. I have seen school dramas where the couple study together and I don't see anything romantic there, only togetherness.

Single-friendly: There is always something enjoyable that can be done together though you're not a couple yet, just make sure the activity include both of you. For example, watching a video or playing an online game together from one device is more fun and may create romantic sparks because of the closeness, than doing it from separate devices.


Scenario: It's obvious, Yuan Shuai taught Jung Jian the strategy to get one-color side of a Rubik Cube, in a romantic way.

Simple and affordable: You don't have to spend money to buy a Rubik Cube. Anything you or the other person have is fine. In this clip, Yuan Shuai already has the puzzle.

Romantic: Whatever trick/skill you teach the other person or you want him/her to teach has to be interactive, to promote closeness/skinship. In this clip Yuan Shuai was standing behind Jiang Jun. Teaching someone by standing in front or by him/her side does not promote intimacy. However, make sure that you are aware when the other person feels awkward being too close to you, and please be considerate to respect his/her privacy.

Single-friendly: As a single person who wants to be close to the one you like, for this idea follow up is important! Therefore, find a new skill that keeps the student interested to continue. In this case, solving only one side of the Rubik Cube is not enough, since all six sides have to be the same colors to finish the puzzle. In the clip, when Jiang Jun was at Yuan Shuai's home, she found the Rubik Cube she once owned, and was challenged to solve the puzzle again.


Scenario: While watching a movie, there was a sad scene that triggered Jiang Jun to cry (she is allergic to tears). Yuan Shuai covered her eyes and she fell asleep until the movie was over.

Simple and affordable: In the beginning of the clip, I included the fact that Yuan Shuai got free movie tickets for him and Jiang Jun. Watching a movie at the cinema can be expensive, since besides tickets you may want to buy drinks and snacks. In the drama, Jiang Jun actually negotiated with Yuan Shuai on who pays for what in the future movie dates. Despite the cost, the fact I am about to tell you below may give you an understanding why watching a movie at the cinema might be better than at home.

Romantic: Although nowadays people may prefer watching movies at home, undoubtedly it's more romantic to watch movies at the cinema. Think about it, there are so many hindrances to create and maintain intimacy while at home: other people, your pet, incoming calls, bathroom breaks, someone at the door, noisy neighbor, etc.

Single-friendly: For singles, going to the cinema instead of watching a movie either at your place or the other person's place is safer. To make it worthy, agree on a movie that both of you may like it. The old practice of watching a horror movie that makes someone afraid and hold onto you (to create romantic vibe) is outdated. If have watched another movie scene in this drama you would agree with me! ;D


Scenario: Yuan Shuai was away for a business trip and he asked Xiao Chuan to stay at his place and watch over his dog.

Simple and affordable: Anyone who is grateful enough that you agree to watch over his/her house and/or pet for a period of time will provide you allowance to cover the living cost or food in the refrigerator. Be sure to keep the house clean and feed the pet!

Romantic: Well, the reason someone asks you to house sit or pet sit is simply because there is no one else live in the house. A few hours of just the two of you is enough to create a date. Like Xu Li said in the clip: "So, you are at home alone?"

Single-friendly: Make sure that you know the person you want to invite quite well for safety reason. You don't want to make the home, that is planned to be a secluded dating place, becomes a crime scene!

Side note: If you house sit, be aware that the home owner may have hidden camera(s) in his/her home! You don't want your passionate scene to be recorded and float anywhere in Youtube sometime later, loud and clear! ;D


Scenario: Yuan Shuai fixed the leaking pipe in Jiang Jun's bathroom.

Simple and affordable: Make sure that the problem is something than can be easily repaired. Having the right tools handy is better.

Romantic: Fixing (or attempting to fix) a problem the other person facing is a gesture of care. To be more romantic, give a non-monetary reward more than a thank you. 

Single-friendly: Since you both are not in relationship yet, it's easy to have an urge that you need to show off by fixing the problem. The hero/ine who saves her/his day. A boyfriend/girlfriend material. However, it's not necessary to actually fix the problem. Some problems are better to be left for the professionals to handle. Even if you can't fix the problem, help the person by looking for a good repair service, to offer him/her alternative help when the problem is not fixed yet, and to follow-up afterwards.


Scenario: Yuan Shuai was watching Jiang Jun cooking breakfast for him.

Simple and affordable: There are several cooking scenes in this drama, but I chose this cooking scene the most for the simplicity. She made soup, not courses of meals like Yuan Shuai always does. Usually Yuan Shuai cooks for them, but in this ocassion he was not able to cook, so Jiang Jun offered to make him breakfast.

Romantic: Since we know now that Jiang Jun doesn't cook, the caring thought that matters. It's romantic that Yuan Shuai watching her cooking, but some people may feel uncomfortable being watched while cooking and may make mistakes. Offer to help instead. Although you don't know how to cook, at least you know how to wash vegetables, prepare the table, or clean the kitchen afterwards. Cooking or washing dishes together is to promote closeness. The smaller the kitchen the better.
And if you are the recipient of the home-cooked meal, be courteous and grateful by giving praise and encouragement, although the outcome is inedible or unpalatable.

Single-friendly: Knowing how to cook is a long lost treasured skill in modern times, where prepared foods and take-outs are cheaply and readily available. Even if you don't know how to cook, showing off that you can cook is commendable. Foremost, make sure you know his/her likes, dislikes, and any food allergy. Pick a recipe that is simple, study the ingredients and instruction beforehand, make sure every equipment needed works, and get everything you need ready. If the person will be around with you at the time you cook, you may want to prepare ahead to save time and your coolness. So if the cooking process takes longer than planned, you don't get nervous.

Side note: Only in dramaland that most male leads know how to cook, even to the level like a chef. Meanwhile the female leads usually suck in it, to the point of burning down the house.


Scenario: Jiang Jun was in a bad mood, so Yuan Shuai consoled her with playing kids game. When they were young, he often comforted her not to cry as tears triggers her allergy.

Simple and affordable: There is absolutely no need to spend money to comfort someone, only creativity. You can even just sit down and listen, but requires patience and your mouth shut.

Romantic: Have you ever seen any male lead or female lead in romantic dramas who is in the bad mood and his/her drama partner either hug the person or lend a shoulder to cry on? In some scenes compassion turns to passion.
The person doesn't need to be in a bad mood for you to implement this idea. Playing a simple kids game also promotes fun time together.

Single-friendly: When you want to comfort someone you like who is in a bad mood, the motivation can become manipulative or selfish since you want to be close to the him/her. However, unless you're good in acting, people usually can sense if you're sincere or not. Just be genuine and tactful in expressing your thoughts and feelings, showing that you care.
As a single person, playing kids game with the other party can also be an ice-breaker to ease the awkwardness between you two. Moreover, it may show him/her that you're  a fun person to be with.


Scenario: Xiao Chuan gave Xu Li a surprise by playing guitar and singing for Xu Li.

Simple and affordable: Learning how to play guitar, in fact, is not as easy as claimed in the drama because "there are only six strings". Whatever it is your learned for the other person is something he/she likes you to do, or it will be fun if both of you can do it. For example, learning a language that the person knows gives you a chance to communicate with him/her.

Romantic: No use if you just learn something for the person without practice it as an expression of love. In this drama, not only Xiao Chuan learned how to play guitar, he also sang a love song to Xu Li. If Xu Li only knows that he learned to play guitar, she won't be as impressed as knowing that he learned it to sing a love song for her. If you learned his/her language, say or write a statement of love to the person. If you learned how to cook for the person, make his/her favorite dish. You get the idea.

Single-friendly: Learning a new skill  is never a waste, although you may not end up with the person you like. It stimulates your brain doing something new. It plucks your courage outside your comfort zone. Also, it may create a new hobby, or even a new career!

Side note: The actor Riley Wang, is also a singer and sang one OST song in English "Sometimes" (linked in the title), and the link of the full OST.


Scenario: Jiang Jun watched a home video created by Yuan Shuai.

Simple and affordable: Making home videos is simple nowadays using your mobile phone.

Romantic: Viewing home video you made for your special person is more romantic when you only share it to him/her to create a sense of exclusiveness. Some people keep their privacy and don't want their faces and conducts to be viewed to the whole world. Please ask their permission if you want to view your video clips to others.

Single-friendly: Since you are not together with the person you like yet, making a couple video or even a one-person video (focusing on him/her) can be cringe-worthy. Make sure that implementing this idea does not create a backlash that you're being hated or avoided by the person. DO NOT make any video in which the person is unaware neither disagree that he/she is being filmed. You can be labeled as a psycho stalker and/or being sued for invasion of privacy!

Credits: I don't own any original source of the images. All pictures came from the drama screenshots and official posters. All gif clips were made by me from the drama scenes and official Youtube clips, to be used only for this article purpose. All information outside MDL are linked  to Wikipedia or Youtube. Thank you, fellow writer DaliaB for giving me suggestions of the gif making.


  • Have you tried the idea(s) before? If yes, how was your experience? Did it work?
  • If you haven't tried any idea before, are you thinking of trying one? Which one and why?
  • Do you have own ideas not written here that you tried and worked for you? Please share with us!
  • If you have watched the drama, what's your favorite romantic idea/clip?
  • If you haven't watched the drama, are you thinking of watching it after reading my article?


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