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Good funny movies never fail to crack me up, lighten my mood after a long day, and are great to watch with family during the holiday season. 

Comedy can be subjective, and what's funny for me may not be funny for you, so I tried including movies that have a score of 7.6 from at least 500 users on MDL (except one title). So, I'll include the MDL rating with the number of users alongside my personal rating for the comedy. 

This article won't include popular movies on MDL that were indeed funny, like Midnight Runners, Sunny, Miss Granny, Secretly Greatly... It will only include titles that are somehow underrated, with the number of watchers on MDL less than 5000. 

Without further ado, here is the first part of the list of 10 movies that made me laugh and added a bit of joy into some gloomy days.




MDL Rating: 8.0/10Users # 1,364Comedy Rating: 9
  • Synopsis: Based on the Japanese film Key of Life, this Korean adaptation follows a hitman who slips on soap at a public sauna and passes out only to wake up with amnesia. A struggling actor who also happens to be in the bathhouse then takes advantage of the killer's memory loss and swaps locker keys with him. When the hitman wakes up with no memories and only the key to the struggling actor's house, he assumes that this is his actual life. 

➥This movie used amnesia in a great way that made my most hated trope fun. Watching a hitman thinking he's a struggling actor and being the nice guy in the neighborhood cracked me up throughout the movie. Yoo Hae Jin had great comedic timing that made even the most ridiculous situations hilarious to watch. Other than the lol-worthy situational comedy, it was a good movie about a second chance in life, finding meaning and purpose. 



MDL Rating: 7.6/10Users # 499Comedy Rating: 9.5
  • Synopsis: The story is based on a webtoon that follows two misfit high school dropouts trying their luck in the working life. Go Taek Il left his house and ended up working at a Chinese restaurant meeting an unconventional chef (Ma Dong Seok), while Woo Sang Pil became a loan shark, which turned out to be way dangerous than what he anticipated.

➥Because all I needed was Ma Dong Seok in a bob haircut dancing to Twice's songs, calling another guy Oppa, and pulling off some great comedic timing to laugh and feel good again. The interesting side characters carried the movie and had some of the best hilarious moments of the movie.


Hitman: Agent Jun 

MDL Rating: 8.0/10# of Users: 577Comedy Rating: 8.5
  • Synopsis: Jun is a top NIS agent who disguises his death and succeeds in leaving the NIS to lead a normal life as a family man and fulfills his dream of becoming a webtoon artist. However, when he accidentally drew about his past life as a NIS agent, both the NIS and gangsters who hold a grudge against him came to hunt him down.

➥This was an action-packed movie that didn’t take itself seriously. It made fun of action movies and went overboard in many instances, and most of the events seemed improvised rather than planned, but all in a good sense. I loved how the action sequences were hilariously mixed with comedy. The supporting characters like the hostage hilarious wife, the rapper wannabe daughter, and the larger than life yet sensitive villain pulled off some great comedy scenes.


Dancing Queen

MDL Rating: 7.3/10# of Users: 513 Comedy Rating: 9
  • Synopsis: The once "Madonna of Shinchon," Uhm Jung Hwa, who's always dreamed of becoming a singer but gave up on her dream after marriage, receives a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire her dreams. However, her hopes of accomplishing her dreams are threatened when her husband announces he'll be running for Seoul's mayor. Will Jung Hwa be able to balance between her double life as a mayor's candidate wife and her hidden identity as a Dancing Queen?

➥As you may have noticed by now, most of the movies featured in the list are action comedies because that's the most produced genre of comedies nowadays, so this family comedy entertaining movie was a breath of fresh air for me. The comedic vibe has an early 2010s K-movies style like Sunny. The characters were fun and relatable without being over the top. From the prank calls that Hwang Jung Min, a lawyer, gets from clients wanting to sue a writer because he killed their favorite male character in a novel from cervical cancer to Jung Hwa juggling her life as a housewife by day and a Dancing Queen by night, the comedy in this movie didn’t fail to give me a good laugh. And yes, they kept the original names of the main leads, dunno if it was a comical intended move or just lazy writing. :)


The Outlaws 

MDL Rating: 8.0/10# of Users: 1,074Comedy Rating: 10
  • Synopsis: The story of The Outlaws is slightly based on real events that took place in 2004 in Seoul. Ma Suk Do is a detective in the Chinatown area of Seoul. He tries to keep the peace while two Chinese-Korean gangs battle over turf in the neighborhood. Jang Chen is a notorious Yanbian Chinese gangster. A set of cat and mouse fights between the two takes place.

➥Don't let the gangster or real events tag fool you. This wasn't that serious of a movie, so the comedy was a very prevalent aspect. This is full action entertainer; does it get better? Yeah, have Ma Dong Seok as a badass cop bossing gangsters around. Does it get better? Yeah, have a very fine Yoon Kye Sang playing a charismatic villain that sends chills down your spine. Does it get better? Yeah, throw a bunch of hilarious comedy moments that come off natural, and will make you laugh out loud. The Outlaws will leave you drooling with its well-executed action sequences in moments and crack you up in others with its great comedic timing. Watch it if you enjoy Ma Dong Seok kicking some asses and making people faint with one punch. Watch it for the comedy and the overall vibe it brings.


Finally, if you make it this far thank you for reading my first article on MDL :) And if you have any funny movie recommendations, please do leave them in the comments. I'll make sure to check them out as I need my comedy dose in the holidays, and other users may find it useful too.

Credits: Most of the gifs are on Google, and I made some using the official trailers of the movies on YouTube and Giphy. The synopsis is a summarized version of the actual synopsis on MDL and what I recall of the story.

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