About Us

  • Our Goal:
    MyDramaList.com’s goal is to provide Asian drama/movie fans a site where they can create their very own dramalists, discuss dramas and movies with other like-minded people, discover new dramas/movies to watch, and make friends all while having tons of fun.
  • About us:
    MyDramaList.com was first launched on April 6th, 2011 after several years of hard development and beta testing by a few users. Currently, the site is still in Beta mode, as it’s not perfect(because we all know perfection is possible :P ). MDL is a community driven project where users of all backgrounds can add to the wide database of Asian Dramas, Asian Movies, and Asian Actors and Actresses. As MDL is a community site, your opinion and feedback are essential to making this site better so please post them here, or email us at with the subject title being “Feedback”.
  • How can you help?
    Love this site, but not sure how you can help?
    There are several ways users can help. The main one is by adding Dramas/Movies/Actors that aren’t in the database yet.
    The second way is to tell more people about MyDramaList.com since the more people on the site, the more fun the site will become.
    And of course you can always use your imagination and help us out in your own ways!
  • I have questions! Answer them or ill eat your chocolate!
    First calm down! Second, that’s my chocolate!
    If you have any questions, check out the Frequently Asked Questions and if your question still hasn’t been answered email us at along with “Question” in the subject line( so it doesn’t get sent into the spam folder.)