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Both are variety show where Dating is taking place between complete strangers.
The max physical contact in bed on beach was cuddling but in single's inferno was just holding hands n maybe massage
Recommended by Itachi Uchiha
Reality/Dating show; In the year 2020, in the city that has the whole world’s attention due to the Olympic Games, the unscripted and youthful days of six young men and women will begin again.
Recommended by mari
Both are "dating shows" however they are different in terms of the concept. In Single's Inferno, the participants are "trapped" in an island, the "inferno" wherein it seems they have limited resources like water and food that they need to prepare. It isn't that bad I think. However, they are rewarded to go to the "paradise" if there is mutual choice.

In Falling in Love Like a Romantic Drama (DoraKiss), they are tasked to act in a mini drama. I think this made that show much more interesting since they have this goal and the couple that performed best have to kiss. I picked this season the best because out of the 3 seasons in Netflix, IMO, this is the most entertaining.

Both shows are in Netflix so both are readily subbed for watching.
Recommended by gCell at Work
Both shows put different strangers under the same "roof" to try to match them up friendship vise and couples. Both shows also feature hosts who comments, makes jokes and talks about the show.

The difference is that Single's Inferno is on an island and Terrace House is in the city.
Recommended by Lifunia
They are both dating shows. They differ in that in Single's Inferno, they are just stuck on an island meanwhile, Love Me Actually, they have a different place where they can date.
Recommended by gCell at Work
eight strangers are forced to live together while panelists with various experiences in dating and love look on from afar.
Recommended by Giada
Heart Signal is a chinese dating show, this year based in Shenzhen. Eight or more strangers are forced to live together while panelists with various experiences in dating and love look on from afar. It's my favourite season of Heart Signal. Highly reccomended.
Recommended by Giada
Same format in that a fun panel of hosts watching and commenting on a dating reality show.

So if you liked the funny commentary aspect in either one, I recommend you to also watch the other one.
Recommended by JulySnow2
In this reality show, six celebs arrive at a magical island called The New World. For 6 days they work through challenges to gain a virtual currency, which places them on a leaderboard, on the last day of their stay the virtual money can be cashed in. Throughout the 6 days, they will have to strategize and work together, make alliances, and face betrayal. Are you ready to enter The New World?
Recommended by Kfan
So I am surprised nobody added these two yet because they are very similar.
Girls and Guys are stuck in one place together as they have to build relationships, get some kind of missions to help them interact.
Both have people watching it and commenting the actions which makes it even more entertaining.
As I waited for Single's Inferno new eps I discovered this and it was great to point I went back on Love Catcher 1st season too because 3rd is still airing.
However I think 3rd season is more alike to Single's Inferno maybe because it has similar vibes since they both are airing on 2021
Recommended by Rijouku
Good looking cast. The cast consist of various popular Korean web drama actors and actresses. The cast live together, makes breakfast together and goes on dates for mission.
Recommended by EvelynnSnow