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Benjamin is given an ultimatum to become financially self reliant or move to America to live with his family. He learns that his old neighbor and childhood friend, Jimson, is moving back home to spend Enhanced Quarantine with his family. BenXJim follows the story of two people who turn from strangers, to friends, to lovers and back to strangers with memories. (Source: Regal Entertainment Inc. Facebook) Edit Translation

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  • Country: Philippines
  • Type: Drama
  • Episodes: 7
  • Aired: Oct 15, 2020 - Nov 26, 2020
  • Aired On: Thursday
  • Duration: 34 min.
  • Score: 7.3 (scored by 1,687 users)
  • Ranked: #4368
  • Popularity: #2125
  • Content Rating: 13+ - Teens 13 or older

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Ben X Jim (2020) photo
Ben X Jim (2020) photo
Ben X Jim (2020) photo
Ben X Jim (2020) photo
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Pinoy Ares
13 people found this review helpful
Nov 29, 2020
7 of 7 episodes seen
Completed 0
Overall 8.0
Story 6.5
Acting/Cast 8.5
Music 8.5
Rewatch Value 7.5
Better than a lot of craps being shown right now.

What to like:
1. Cutipies! Ben, Jim , Olan! Yum yum yum!;
2. Good subtle acting(except maybe Yana). Some people say that Ben is a bit humanoid with weird facial expressions, I kinda agree (its like watching a male version of Kristen Stewart who almost always looks like she needs to take a crap when she needs to show emotion) BUT its also part of why i like Teejay's acting, it is closer to how people actually act in real life. Also, i like his small nuances that shows the gayness of the character;
3. Flo, i love Flo;
4. Above average cinematography;

What to hate:
1. Creepy watching by the window scenes, like for real, its not polite to openly watch your neighbor through your window;
2. I know Ben and Jim are the main protagonists but the series treated the secondary characters like crap just to move the story forward
- BLs have a sad habit of relegating female characters as useless background characters. They could have made Yana a proper lovable character so we'd feel attached and sorry for her. I love Flo but she was a glorified sidekick, does she not have anything important going on with her life?
- How they handled Olan's character was a bit too low. They made us love him and then just dumped him like a sad kitty;
3. The whole Covid setting was used just for convenience but lacks consistency. Not everyone was wearing protection, the characters were always outside (using being a frontliner as an easy excuse). Is Leo a frontliner too, how can he go to Ben's place so easily? How can Yana hitchride with Olan without mask? If you dont want the character to wear masks, then dont use the COVID setup;
4. Things escalated too quickly - one day Jim was so inlove with Yana and the next he was announcing to the world his love for Ben. I know they tried to show him caring for Ben, even calls him wifey and all, but it wasnt implied he was gay enough to really be his lover. Was he infected with a gay virus? Was it the lack of chemistry? Was it Jerome's ineffective acting?
5. The way they were trying to ship Olan and Yana. I seriously hope they wouldnt put them together, cause it feels like they are going to do that in the second season;
6. I hate Leo and that useless Ben and Jim's families conflicts.

Would i rewatch, yes probably, maybe just a quick skimming before the second season. Overall its a good and appreciated effort from a big studio, certainly better than a lot of the crappy telenovelas in philippine tv. I hope a lot more can be brave enough to tell these kind of stories and maybe one day it will be more mainstream. Overall, i give it 4 stars aout of 5.

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10 people found this review helpful
Nov 26, 2020
7 of 7 episodes seen
Completed 0
Overall 7.0
Story 7.5
Acting/Cast 7.0
Music 10
Rewatch Value 3.0
This review may contain spoilers

Good intensions gone bad

So, I had to quick rewatch 1-7 to be sure of my grading and yes, I can just barely give it a 7, actually I want to give it lower, but I keep it there.
Lets brake it down:

The story-flow begins good, then decent and eventually, downhill.
Sure, the story tocuhes some interesting delicate topics such as mental health, self-discovery, infidelity, death, covid-situation, identity crisis and domestical abuse; but perhaps they tried too hard to show too much?

So the characters:
The fact they put Yana and Leo, the exes as the biatches of the story, is just tad cliche. But I like the broken character Leo is. Finally something of the typical in BL-stories.

Olan- Oh Olan, the passive accepting sideline hero that was just there for decoration.
Or icing if some like him.
Yana is the typical rolls-eyes-bitch. No worth the screentime nor the ink..

Ben- Actually, he is quite broken and I like it. Imo, he is the utterly star, from episode 1-7. Acting was totally ok but the character was good.

Jim- Everything was just wrong with Jim. Even in his few heroic moments here and there, he was just an ass, to put it short.

Lets now bake this into a marvelous cake of mush, because it was like just that. It LOOKED wonderful, the idea was good, but excecution was like a cute loved one that cant cook for squat trying to bake.
You eat it anyway with a smile.
A for effort.

The OST was good though and there was plenty of eyecandies.

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  • Drama: Ben X Jim
  • Country: Philippines
  • Episodes: 7
  • Aired: Oct 15, 2020 - Nov 26, 2020
  • Aired On: Thursday
  • Duration: 34 min.
  • Content Rating: 13+ - Teens 13 or older


  • Score: 7.3 (scored by 1,687 users)
  • Ranked: #4368
  • Popularity: #2125
  • Watchers: 3,512

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