• Drama: Yan Yangchun
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 46
  • Aired: Apr 4, 2019 - Apr 30, 2019
  • Original Network: Sohu TV
  • Content Rating: Not Yet Rated


  • Score: 6.8 (scored by 7 users)
  • Ranked: #25675
  • Popularity: #99999
  • Watchers: 117

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Ratings: 6.8/10 from 7 users
# of Watchers: 117
Reviews: 1 user
Ranked #25675
Popularity #99999
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From the late Qing Dynasty until the Republican era, a chivalrous woman overcomes many obstacles to become a hero that people need in turbulent times. Yan Yang Chun lost her family at a young age. She alone bore the weight of avenging her loved ones. In her journey through the pugilistic world, she meets three men who come to form very different relationships with her. She also adopts five children - Yan Zhao, Yan Zhen, Yan Jun, Yan Hong and Zhang Shan. Amidst the chaos, Yan Yangchun performs many extraordinary feats as she relies on her sense of justice to help those in need. At the same time, she pits wits and will against her two biggest enemies. (Source: Edit Translation

  • English
  • Español
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  • 한국어
  • Country: China
  • Type: Drama
  • Episodes: 46
  • Aired: Apr 4, 2019 - Apr 30, 2019
  • Original Network: Sohu TV
  • Score: 6.8 (scored by 7 users)
  • Ranked: #25675
  • Popularity: #99999
  • Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

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Jun 20, 2019
46 of 46 episodes seen
Completed 1
Overall 8.5
Story 9.0
Acting/Cast 8.0
Music 4.0
Rewatch Value 8.5
The storyline is interesting and it waste no time onto unnecessary acts. From the start of episode 1 till 46, this whole drama was trying to tell the tales of Yan and Wei family's conflicts during the end of Qing dynasty, the last dynasty of China and during the time of the last emperor Pu Yi.
It was the most corrupted and doomed time of China where most of the court's officials are tyrants and bullied the innocent civilians or simply by just murdering civilians without a reason or a warrant. The law are the tyrants.
Personally, I do find interest in watching this drama with several personal reasons. Even though this drama is a mid cost production, ( from the settings, the actors' costumes and the outdoor scenes are very less). But I find what I'm interested in was not really much of who's wearing how many sets of costumes or how talented the actors' acting. As long the actors they delivered the story to audience is good enough. Besides, honestly, no doubt this drama's setting is a little dull comparing to many other dramas. Due to the story's settings based on during the end of Qing dynasty and towards the republican era, and also the story was set on a small town village. Naturally the shooting of the drama no doubt is dull. Because at that time or era, the civilians were struggling to survived under a very poverty lifestyle and very much insecured times without any protections of law. And also during that time, the French occupation had comes in China and lured many into opium addicts, making used of illegal opium smugglers and rapings of young Chinese ladies.
I'd mentioned I was interested watching this drama because personally, my grand parents were from that very same era but very fortunately, they managed to escaped or fleed China from the unlawful corrupted times, and also escaped away from all the unfortunate disasters that happened and shown in this drama. I've heard many tales from my grandfather about those time of protest, revolutions and mass murderings to communism, and later part of Japanese occupation times. Before watching this drama, all the tales told by my grandfather I was actually can't really imagine much out of it. Until now after I'd completed this whole drama, I fully felt and sensed and understood the hardship, the poverty, the insecurity, the unfair and unlawful lifestyle of people back then. It's like, no peace at all, you can't even afford to have a soundly sleep like now this era we are living, coz anything can happen on anytime to anyone of your family without a prior reason. Life back then was really cheap, anyone could just die without a reason.
But in another point of view as an audience, I do salute these people back then, they still have a very “warm heart” and unselfishness and still very humanity. They are not stingy to spare some care, help or love for one and another or even to a child. They are still very united eventhou it is on the most difficult time. Which compared to now this era we are living, it's totally a huge difference.
And another reason I find this drama is quite educative as in, they really show audience clearly how from the corrupted Qing dynasty era to republican, and gone through Japanese occupation till Japanese occupation resigned and into communism. And what communism did to the civilians of China.
If I didn't watch this drama, I think I'll probably have no much understandings of communism was the one government that united the whole China until some 70 years ago they lost to the Republic of China Armed Forces and gone through the cold war, and after the cold war formed up what is today's China - Republic of China.
Overall, I find this drama and it's storyline is interesting, eventhou it's a mid cost production film and many scenes are based at village settings and could be very dull. But overall actings are good and they delivered the story clear to audience's understanding. Also it has a gentle, clear, consolingly and complete ending that left audience satisfied.
My last remark, it is depends on individual's interest. If you're not that interested about those republican era's story, perhaps you may find this drama it's very boring. If you're like me curious to know how the hell from the corrupted Qing dynasty to revolution and communism era's time lead to how China was formed up until today, then perhaps this drama has a clear story indications and worth a watch.

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