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Strong Female Lead, Mystery, Love Triangle, Many buties, Very interesing plot, Famous actors and actrees
Recommended by Mo_nika
Must watch drama if u liked watching mirror tale of twin cities
- has xiao zhan as the ml
- student- teacher relationship
- both dramas include hatreds of years towards the other city
- love hate relationship
Recommended by tanishq itou
- ML are related dragons who help to solve crisis for their tripe. they fall in love a long the way.
- uhm, the ending
Recommended by Winter Grace
This is similar to mirror twin cities and I hop both of these dramas will air sometime next year so I think both of these will be great dramas to watch
Recommended by JustImmortal18
They are both set in a fantasy world and are costume dramas. There are complicated family backgrounds/lineages and its a very similar vibe/feeling. Also! It just so happens that the FL of Twin Cities starred in this drama as well (as a second FL of sorts).
Recommended by Kristy
Both dramas are Fantasy or Xianxia dramas. The stories involve immortal people and war among different clans.
Recommended by Michiru
- both male protagonists which are Li Yifeng and Ren JiaRen are Merman
- both need to experience love and hate love stories and overcome many obstacles to be together.
- both are big IP drama work adapted from a novel.
- the plot is related to the sea, mermaids, etc...
- both are love story based on merman and immortality
Totally recommended and plus i love the actor LI Yifeng
Recommended by Susan Fang